HGR Announces Building Purchase, Plans Major Renovations

HGR recently finalized the purchase through the Cuyahoga County Land bank. Throughout the past 2 years the ownership of the property has been in turmoil. While the future of the property was in question, HGR reviewed other Cleveland and surrounding counties for a future home for the thousands of tons of used industrial equipment. However, remaining in place at their original location was always the preferred option for HGR’s leadership team.

“We considered relocating our business,” said Brian Krueger, HGR’s CEO. “We weren’t certain how the sale of the building would go, and we had to be prepared to find a new location.

“But from the start, we knew that we wanted to keep HGR here. We’ve been here for 16 years, so we have a lot invested in this location. Now, we can take our commitment to the building and Euclid to the next level.”

HGR is prepared to invest more than 10 million dollars in redevelopment of the building and property. The redevelopment will allow HGR continued expansion and create space for other new tenants. This will result in job creation and preservation, income to the city and county and preserve a historic landmark.

The Euclid Sports Plant is a tenant that occupies about 60,000 square feet of the building. The Sports Plant is an indoor sports facility serving Euclid and the surrounding communities. It has four basketball and/or six volleyball courts, with numerous leagues that play as well as individuals that rent out the courts. The Sports Plant has a full-service weight room and a 24,000 square foot baseball training area with cages and turf, with individual training and lessons available.

Once the repairs, updates, and renovations are made to the property, HGR will then decide what will be done with the rest of the property. Potential options include HGR taking more space or seeking a tenant for the remaining 380,000 square feet.

Krueger states, “HGR has grown in sales 18% this year, and we believe we will continue this growth in the future. This available space will allow for further growth for years to come, which is exciting to the company and community. If growth continues, I foresee HGR having over 150 employs, with 120 of them working out of the Euclid facility. Including HGR’s employees, customers, and drivers, there are over 300 visitors coming to the location daily.

“HGR is excited about the future of the building and giving its new long term home a fresh look.”

About the Building:

The building at 20001 Euclid Avenue was originally built in 1943 to produce aircraft parts during World War II. After the war, it was purchased by Fisher Body and made bodies for General Motors cars. In the 1970’s, the plant was converted to produce interior trip and upholstery for GM cars. In the 1980’s, the facility also began making parts for Sea Ray Boats. In 1993, production was halted and GM closed the building. At its peak in 1955, the plant had 2,958 employees. (http://ech.case.edu/ech-cgi/article.pl?id=FBDOGMC).

The building sits on a little over 66 acres, with 966,000 square foot of building space.

HGR Welcomes International Customers to Euclid Showroom

HGR Industrial Surplus has customers from all around the world that buy online. But HGR is always excited when an international customer shops in-store at the Euclid, Ohio showroom.

One particular customer, Miguel Gonzalez, recently flew in from Peru, unannounced, to visit the 12-acre showroom. Gonzalez works for Talleres Emmanuel and traveled to Euclid for a two-day shopping trip. During his visit, Miguel arranged for the shipping of a 40-foot container to Peru, and he purchased vertical mill and other small machine tools to send back to South America.

Miguel (pictured at right with HGR Salesman ) and Talleres Emmanuel have bought a number of items from HGR through the years, including gap bed lathes, OBI presses and assorted drill presses, all to be shipped via containers arranged by HGR.

HGR has set up a special page with answers to common questions asked by customers considering a trip from Mexico, Central or South America.

Rough Start With His Used Monarch Lathe

Tom Clouse came to HGR last Monday and got just what he wanted. Unfortunately, he took home an extra ding that he wasn’t expecting. Tom made his first trip to Euclid from his home in Barre, Massachusetts, about 575 miles one way, to purchase a used Monarch lathe to add to his machine shop. Tom is an aircraft mechanic, and he’s a big fan of Monarch equipment.

“They’re solid and they hold their tolerances,” Tom said. “I know what to expect when I“m using them.”

After he had the lathe loaded into the back of his Dodge pickup, though, Tom got something unexpected when he ventured out of the HGR parking lot.

“Some guy cut me off and I had to swerve,” Tom said. “When I did, the Monarch almost came out of the bed.”

Luckily, the lathe stayed in the back of the truck, and there was only minor damage to the side of the bed and the diamond plate bed liner.

“I was planning to take that off anyway,” said Tom as he strapped the lathe down again, this time with some surplus pallets on both sides of the lathe to stabilize the piece.

Even with the minor mishap, Tom said he would be back to HGR in the future … most likely.

“Yeah, I’m sure I’ll need something again,” said Tom, adding a familiar HGR customer refrain, “I just have to convince my wife that I need it.”