Ohio Valley Manufacturing increases capacity to serve Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers

welding robot cell
Ohio Valley Manufacturing welding robot cell

(Courtesy of Guest Bloggers Charlie Watson and Steven Fanello of Ohio Valley Manufacturing)

Since 1999, we have purchased presses from 250 tons to 4,000 tons, which has increased our capacity to run larger dies – a key factor in our ability to add Tier 1 suppliers to our customer list. Investing in good equipment has paid huge dividends for Ohio Valley Manufacturing. These purchases also made us a better bet in the competitive race for Tier 1 business.

The company continues to accumulate customers among other major Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers and is on course to continue this pattern for years to come. The experience and the team we’ve put together give every new customer coming in the door the confidence that we will get the job done for them.

We have been making purchases from HGR since the early 2000s. We first heard about HGR from an electrical engineer that we have used since the start up of our first press.

Over the years, we have made purchases of items, including storage cabinets and racks, conveying equipment, miscellaneous electrical equipment, hydraulic power units and robotic weld cells.

We use the HGR website to look at availability of items that we might be interested in, but then like to visit HGR in order to view the items before we make our purchase. Visiting also affords us the opportunity to look around at other items and come up with new ideas.

Ohio Valley Manufacturing has been working to establish itself as a key supplier of first operation blanking, stampings, transfer and value-added parts to a diverse customer base. Our people make the critical difference. We’re a team. It takes all of us, working together, to get the job done right. We consider ourselves fortunate to have people who have worked in the industry longer than 40 years. Our staff is comprised of people who possess the highest levels of industry expertise and who work hard to nurture the passing of that invaluable expertise to our younger employees. It is this experience and management philosophy that has helped establish our reputation as one of the top Tier 2 suppliers in the country.

We have accomplished our phenomenal growth as a supplier to manufacturers of automobiles, trucks, recreational vehicles, appliances, agricultural equipment, lawn and garden products, and suspension parts – some of the toughest markets for a supplier to penetrate.

Three customers share their HGR shopping experiences


Paul Wolos bought a drill press at HGR:

“A drill press is kind of a ubiquitous thing. It’s kind of hard to explain. I plan to replace the one that is more of a hobby unit with this one to do heavier jobs. A lot of the stuff that HGR sells is three phase and must be converted over (e.g., changing the motor). The conversion also will allow me to vary the speed via the use of a DC drive motor.”



LucasLucas Hargis upcycled:

“We used to hit up HGR all the time, always perusing online and then browsing when we picked up our goods. We’d revamp the stuff, transform the pieces into “refined industrial” and sell them at antique shows and shops.”





Bill Schuemann was looking for a 9/16ths 18-pitch tap to restore threads in a front brake drum:

“I was overwhelmed by the showroom. Thank you for letting me see your establishment. It is so big and blows me away, especially the majesty of it by going back and seeing how deep it is, the great variety, how organized it is, and the height of ceiling with good light to see what you have available. To see everything, it would have taken 8-10 hours to look around. As an architectural photographer, I would like to take low-altitude arial pictures to show the size of building and a high altitude position within the building to show its third dimension.

RoboBots competition encourages high-school students to take an interest in manufacturing careers

HGR_Dedication (24 of 51)

Alliance for Working Together, a consortium of more than 75 manufacturing companies in Northeast Ohio dedicated to promoting careers in manufacturing, will be hosting the RoboBots competition at Lakeland Community College on Apr. 30, 2016. The organizational meeting was held on Oct. 29 at Fredon and was attended by school coaches and industry sponsors. Commitment letters from the school teams are due Nov. 16. At that time, a complete list of schools and manufacturing sponsors will be announced. The teams will begin working on their battle robots and have open cage time to practice from Jan. 2 to Apr. 25 at Fredon. On Apr. 29, students will submit their portfolio documentation, including plans, photos, meeting minutes, and then participate in a live interview with a panel of three judges before having their robots safety checked in preparation for the competition on Apr. 30. All teams can compete in the May 20-21 National Robotics League competition at California University of Pennsylvania.

This year, for the first time, AWT is piloting a Junior Bots competition open to middle schools in Lake and Geauga counties. The teams will receive a robot kit and a company mentor to go through a process similar to their high-school counterparts.

As a result, students partake in experiential learning that pairs them with experts on the manufacturing floor to develop their technical skills in design, blueprint reading, tooling, fabrication, budgeting, analysis, adaptability, time management, leadership, responsibility, and problem solving.

According to Alyson Scott, president of Fredon Corporation and coordinator of the AWT RoboBots program, “The AWT Foundation is excited to kick off another year of our AWT RoboBots program. It takes a lot of time and effort on the part of our company sponsors, but we all realize that investing in our manufacturing future with real-life/hands-on experience is priceless.”

Once again, HGR is proud to support science, technology, engineering, arts and manufacturing (STEAM) initiatives by sponsoring the Euclid High School Robotics Team, coached by Physics Teacher Bob Torrelli. HGR representatives will mentor the students, provide materials and expertise, and host working sessions in preparation for the competition.

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Last year, 34 teams competed at Lakeland. Participating for the first time, Euclid High School placed ninth in the competition. View the footage of the robots going head to head.

Installation of massive heaters warms up HGR’s showroom

IMG_20151030_084625073 (002)

As part of HGR’s ongoing facility improvements since purchasing Nickel Plate Station in 2014, two new state-of-the-art showroom heating units were installed the week of Oct. 26 in order to improve customer’s shopping comfort. In the past, the showroom was unheated and pretty cold due to bay doors being open in order to unload new items and load purchased items. Bursting pipes and breath visible in the air will be a thing of the past. 


Now, customers can take their time to look through the aisles of merchandise without wearing a parka and Gore-tex, and employees aren’t complaining either!