Tony Grenga – Metal and Wood Desk

Tony Grenga metal and Wood Desk HGR
Tony Grenga created a Metal and Wood desk with parts purchased from HGR. Here is his story.

Metal and Wood Desk by Tony Grenga – I work at a family-owned  machine  shop in Youngstown Ohio. My hobby is repairing woodworking and metal-working machines. As a result, I spend the second Saturday of the month at the HGR sale. My son asked me to build a desk with a machine base that raised and lowered. While I was looking one Saturday I saw 2 jack screw actuators so, I purchased them.

Now, I was on my way. With a waste basket full of ideas, a few months later, I finally came up with plan. I would need a gear box to connect the jack screws. I looked the on HGR web site and there it was, a gear box. This was a perfect match.  Starting at bottom there are 3 inch round nylon feet, and a 1/2 inch x 6 inch x 38 inches bent-in brake press. A jack screw actuator connects to gear box with 7 inch hand wheel to raise and lower. There are 4 pieces on each side of 3/4 inch stainless, connecting brass nuts to a piece of 1 inch x 6 inch aluminum.  The top is a piece of 2 inch thick oak measuring  38 inches x 80 inches.  The desk lowered is 29 inches and 49 inches raised.

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CNC Machining Projected to be $100B Industry by 2025

DanielDM CNC Lathe
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In recent years, an increasing number of production facilities have adopted CNC lathes as their tooling of choice. By 2025, experts expect the global CNC machine market to grow to $100.9 billion in value, registering an annual growth rate of 6.8%.

Leading the Market
The lathe machines segment of the market held a significant leading share of more than 27% in 2016. Due to features such as reduced time requirements and multifunctionality, industry analysts predict the milling machines segment to see a compound annual growth rate of an estimated 9.5%.

Through 2025, this segment will likely continue to dominate this area of the market, reaching an expected valuation of $25.17 billion.

CNC Market Drivers
One of the most common prototype production methods, CNC machines operate automated tools using computer-programming inputs. CNC machinery manufacturing is experiencing a rapid rise in growth due to the need to:

Reduce operating costs
Use manpower more efficiently
Avoid errors in manufacturing
CNC machines offer manufacturers a number of advantages. The growing use of practices like computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-aided design (CAD) in product design and prototyping enhances manufacturers’ ability to deliver high-precision components on time. This drives growth in CNC machinery adoption and use because successfully implementing CNC equipment reduces operating costs and improves the efficiency of mass production.

Because CNC machines allow for an incredible degree of accuracy when carving complex shapes such as diagonal cuts and curves, demand has exploded with the rise in technological advancements of CAD, CAM, and other CNC software.

By saving end users significant time between design and production, CNC machining improves a facility’s capabilities and increases revenue. CNC machinery also provides more precise detailing than 3D printers and works with a wider range of materials.

This improved production capacity, as well as the enhanced quality and precision CNC tooling brings, make it a solid choice for manufacturers across a wide range of industries.

Projected Market Growth
The future looks bright for CNC lathe manufacturing. Automobile, electronics, defense/intelligence, aerospace, healthcare, and industrial manufacturers all benefit from the use of CNC lathes.

Although high maintenance costs and the cost of post-sale services for CNC machines may somewhat affect adoption, reduced production costs and more areas in which you can use CNC machining will create significant growth opportunities. The Asia–Pacific region especially will see increased use of CNC machinery as regional economies continue to grow.

CNC lathes vastly decrease time requirements in an increasingly fast-paced production environment. With their growing number of uses in modern production facilities, factories everywhere will continue to adopt CNC machinery for their high precision and reduced labor costs.

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