Robots on the Rise at HGR

HGR has robots and robot arms galore. Small robotic arms for intricate details and giant robotic arms with attachments to make good ole’ Ripley jealous. Not an Aliens fan, it’s ok. You don’t have to be to see that HGR can save you money by offering you used machinery as an option.

For decades human arms did the majority of factory work, but now robotic arms are doing some of the same jobs, but at a higher efficiency rate. In a lot of ways, they work like a human arm would and are usually made up of 4-6 joints for movement. The components are designed to mimic the wrist, forearm, elbow, and shoulder. They are able to work at a higher speed and do things that human arms would not be able to with great precision and accuracy.

Robotic arms have a few different applications they are used for. Some arms have welding attachments on them and sit on a production line all day. For safety reasons, robotic arms have been deployed for material removal in areas and with matter that may be toxic to humans. Another application would be in the material handling field.

HGR has many of these robots available here and from different manufacturers like Fanuc, ABB, Hirata, and more.

Here are a few Robots HGR currently have in stock.

Fanuc R-2000iB/210F


Fanuc Robot at HGR
Fanuc Robot R-2000iB/210F at HGR

See the item here –

This is a Fanuc R-2000iB/210F that is available at HGR Industrial Surplus. It is a robot that is floor-mounted and can function under a very high payload. The typical applications it is used for are material handling, welding, dispensing, and removal of materials. This is one of the slimmer models that allow it to be used in tight spaces, but don’t be fooled by the looks. This arm can do its job.

ABB Robot IRB 2400


ABB IRB 2400 Robot at HGR
ABB IRB 2400 Robot at HGR

The ABB IRB 2400 has a wide variety of applications it is used for around the world. Some of those are MIG welding, pick and place, woodworking, and more. It is a 6-Axis industrial robot that was designed specifically for industries that use flexible robot-based automation.

Fanuc S-430iF


Fanuc S-430iF at HGR
Fanuc S-430iF at HGR

Automotive manufacturing was the aim for this model from Fanuc. It does a great job of spot welding as well as material handling operations. This model is also known for its’ flexibility by utilizing the J-2 axis and allowing the robot to reach over its head and behind it. This raises the bar for usage once optimized to your application.

See more in our Robot Category by using the link below. HGR has over 15 thousand items in stock so make sure you browse our website if you don’t find something in our robot category. With 12 acres of industrial surplus, you never can be too sure of what you might find.

Industrial Equipment Monthly October 2019

Industrial Equipment Monthly October 2019

What is Industrial Equipment Monthly?  A closer look at the inventory of HGR, the trends of the machines being sold, and other notable pieces of info that may assist you in using HGR to your fullest benefit. Whether you are a machine dealer, refurb person, or hobbyist, HGR has a little bit of something for everyone.

HGR had 17,113 items in inventory (9-25-19)

As of 10-10-19, there are 16,272 items in stock. These items go fast, so act quickly on something you want, or it may not be here next time you look.

New Items of Interest

In the last week HGR has taken in a few notable items that stand out as one-offs and may provide a great opportunity for someone in need, who didn’t know we had this.

Terminal Tractor/Switch Truck



terminal tractor trucking
Terminal Tractor

A terminal tractor is a semi-tractor used in moving trailers in a warehouse facility or cargo yard. Very similar to how a switcher locomotive would be used to move railcars. Some differences in a tractor built for hauling on the road and a terminal tractor are listed below.

  • It is made for a single operator in an offset cab.
  • Terminal tractors have a shorter shell base and a solid-mounted rear axel.
  • They may typically have an automatic engine and even use of alternate fuel, depending on the make.
  • 360-degree view in the windshield and is used for facilitating five to six moves an hour.

Not all tractors have these options, including this one at HGR, but this can more help you to identify the use of the product and the reasoning behind it.

Mimaki Ultraviolet Printer



Printer for Sale at HGR

Ultraviolet printers use the rays it produces to dry or cure the ink as it is printed. This prevents smearing or other damages caused by ink not being cured before handling. The ultra violet rays dry the ink instantly allowing large prints to be handled right after printing. This can decrease the time a customer is waiting to get the prints in their hands. This model can also print directly to plastics, metal, wood, and glass onto materials up to 28” wide, 20” long and 6” thick.

Bargain Find of the Month – Markdown Section

You know our items don’t last long, so as you read this, someone may be purchasing the item you are reading about. With that said, these are some of the highlighted bargain items you can find at HGR.

Crown Order Picker

$877 Last Chance!


crown picker for sale at HGR
Crown Picker

This used Crown Order Picker has 42” x 4” forks, a 108” mast and was produced in 2005. The vehicle operates on a 24 volt power system and has a capacity of 3,000 pounds. This order picker is designed for narrow aisles.

Closeouts of the Month

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