What are Some Types of Things HGR Sells?

HGR Industrial Surplus is known for their diversity in inventory and amount. There may not be a bigger showroom full of industrial machinery and surplus supplies. Here are some of the more popular items that frequent the pages and carts of hgrinc.com .

Dual Spindle Lathes boost a companies productivity by performing “one and done” operations, reducing the time it takes to set up and make the parts it needs to faster. To further enhance productivity, these machines can be combined with robotic part feeding and extraction, or with bar feeders for long, unattended part runs.

Grinders come in all shapes, sizes, and uses. HGR has about 141 items in this category alone. Surface grinders, disc grinders, center less grinders and more fill their inventory. This could be a good chance to grab used machinery and cut the cost of having to buy new. 

Vertical Mills are one of the more popular items that HGR frequently stocks, They come and go fast though, so if you see aanyhting in the link, contact a sales rep before it is gone. One of the great things about Hgr is how fast the inventory goes. While you may miss one thing, something else is coming in the next day, and no one knows what it is before it is posted to the site. 

Horizontal Mills are another popular item in the Machine Tools category at HGR. HGR stocks the major names like Cincinnati Milacron, Kent-Ownes, Browne & Sharpe, and others. Don’t worry if you can’t find the one you are looking for, it may be there tomorrow. Check back often to stay up to date on what HGR gets in and when. 

HGR has 12 acres of used machinery like CNC, Lathes, Mills, Welding Supplies and more. Sign up for HGR’s newsletter to be the first to see new arrivals and notices on flash sales. 

Material Handling Means Forklifts and More

Material Handling BlogForklifts, cranes, conveyors, and the list goes on when talking about HGR’s material handling category. As of April 21, 2020, there are more than 1700 items in stock for this category. Any warehousing or distributing needs can be met at HGR. Maybe you need a new pallet jack and storage racks for your machine shop, but you don’t want to spend new money. That’s what we do. We buy and sell used machinery, surplus supplies, equipment, and more. 

One of the more popular items in our material handling category are conveyors. There are different types of conveyors at HGR including chip conveyors, belt conveyors, powered roller conveyors, as well as different parts or attachments for semi-automated  equipment. Mayfran and Turbo Conveyor are a few major brands that are often stocked at HGR. That stock does change daily when they are purchased, or new trucks of items coming in. Items are constantly coming and going so make sure you jump on something you want. Often times waiting means t won’t be there. 

Forklifts are probably the most popular items in our material handling category. There are electric and gas powered options available. Clark and Hyster lifts will occupy most of the page, but you’ll also find Toyota, Yale, Daewoo, and more. There are even a few forklift carriages and forks available. 

Pallet racking and other storage solutions round out the majority of the items in the material handling category. HGR has quite a few options when it comes to styles of racking and shelving units available. The best bet is browsing by keywords like shelves or pallet rack to get the most related search items. 

HGR gets in hundreds of new items daily so if you don’t see it now, it may be there the next day, next week, or next month. If you want to see the newest material handling items in, you can do this 2 different ways. You can use the new arrivals option while in the material handling category to see what just came in. You can also set the search by date to look back as far or recent as you would like. 

You can also subscribe to our email blast that has the most recent items delivered to your inbox. 

New Arrivals at HGR

HGR is known for having a 12-acre showroom filled with more than 18,000 items currently. New arrivals are a big part of what makes HGR so appealing. In the week of April 6th alone, 807 items were inventoried, averaging roughly 161 items per day. What types of items come in at HGR? Some of the more popular items include shears, injection molders, lathes, granulators, air compressors, and hundreds more industrial or manufacturing items. 

Where does the stuff come from? 

HGR has equipment and machinery and equipment buyers located in multiple states on the east side of the Mississippi River. These buyers go to the prospective sellers to evaluate what they want to sell and make them an offer. Once the offer is accepted, HGR arranges for the item to be picked up and delivered to their showroom in Euclid, Ohio. Here, it is put into inventory and transported to the 12-acre showroom to be placed into its proper aisle. Customers then can come and view these items in-person to inspect it to see if it is a worthwhile purchase for them or their company. 

When does it come in? 

Items come in daily, so it is helpful to frequent our site and see what’s new often. As for what comes in, you never know. HGR gets the items in, takes their pictures and has them online within a few hours. So when you click on the new arrivals link, the results could be different from just a few hours ago. It’s like a treasure hunt of new arrivals every time you click the link. 

Where Did That Item Go?

So you’re checking HGR’s site and see an item you are interested in. You write down the number and think about it, before briefly bringing it up to the person you need to for approval. You go back to the site and can’t find the product? Most likely it is sold. It happens that fast. A lot of HGR’s customers are locked into the new arrivals category and are trying to get the jump on the best items as they are listed. HGR also sends out a daily email blast with new items in different categories. You can sing up for that here. 

Finishing Equipment Spotlight on Surface Grinders

Grinding Wheel
Surface Grinders are a common piece of finishing equipment. It is an abrasive wheel is used in the finishing process to provide a smooth surface metallic or nonmetallic materials. This gives the materials a refined look by removing oxidation and impurities on the surface. Some of the different parts of the surface grinder include a wheel, a chuck, and reciprocating table. The chuck is used to hold your material in place while you are working on it. There are chucks that use magnets to hold the material in place, and there are others that use a vacuum or a mechanism. The grinding wheels can also be composed of different material.

The two common types of spindles used are a vertical spindle and a horizontal spindle. A vertical spindle design has a spindle that’s pointing straight up and down. The grinding wheel itself lays flat on its face at the bottom of this spindle so that the wheel’s full width can be utilized in grinding the object. A horizontal spindle design has a wheel that’s suspended over the table. Only the wheel’s flat, outside edge will come into contact with the object that’s being secured by the chuck.
There are also two types of surface grinding machines. Planer grinders keep the grinding wheel in one place while the worktable around it is being moved, creating a reciprocating back-and-forth motion that can be controlled either manually or via a mechanic or hydraulic drive mechanism. The spindle that’s used to rotate the grinding wheel can be placed either vertically or horizontally. Rotary-type grinders have circular shaped worktables that revolve, as does the grinding wheel itself. They can be either vertical or horizontal.

HGR Has Them
No matter what type of surface grinder you need, chances are, HGR has one for less. Buying one used can help manage overhead and avoid the high-cost of buying new. Currently there are over one hundred items on our surface grinder search. This could include wheels and other tools or attachments as well as machinery. Some of the more popular brands in stock are, Brown & Sharpe, Thompson, Blanchard, Kent, DoAll, and Cleveland Grinding. HGR offers a 30-day return policy on all items, so you can purchase with confidence. Browse our inventory of surface grinders or just visit our home page to see what else HGR offers in their 12-acre showroom.HGR Surface Grinder

Tooling Around at HGR

tooling at hgrTooling Around at HGR

An important part of each project or job, is having the right tools to accomplish the task at hand. Sometimes standard tools may work great and be what you need. Other times special tooling is needed. The size and cost of this tooling varies per application and per machine, but buying used tooling may be a way to get what you need for a fraction of the cost. What does HGR sell? Let’s find out. 

No Tool’s Gold Here

Okay, that pun was bad. Borderline offensively bad, but let me dig deeper. See another mining for gold joke there. I will stop now, maybe. Currently HGR has over 800 items in the Tooling category. Tooling is the main category, but it breaks down further to subcategories like; Bearings, Dies, Nutrunners, Linear Slides, Spindles, and Machine Parts. Some parts are individual, while others come in lots that may include multiple tools. This is where the fun begins at HGR. It is like a treasure hunt. You need that one piece of tooling that comes in a lot, so you buy it all. You come to find out the uses for the other pieces and have now diversified your output. That’s why it’s beneficial to routinely browse our inventory. With hundreds of items coming in daily, and the speed in which we sell them, you may miss out on a great deal.  

types of tooling HGR sells

Tool Be or Not Tool Be

Thou shall broweseth our siteth…”Reign in the Shakespeare young man, you’ve gone too far” (Morgan Freeman voice). Is there something at HGR for you? I’m not sure, but if you are in the manufacturing or industrial sector, I am willing to bet a cold chilly dog that you can find something of use at a cheaper cost than buying new.  You can even let your sales guy know that you are interested in tooling, and we can make sure you get the updates we send out weekly on certain categories. 

Injection Molders in Manufacturing

Plastic injection molding is a process used in fabricating items from cell phone cases, water bottles, or even automotive parts. Almost all of the plastic items we use currently were made using the plastic injection molding process. Currently, companies have geared their manufacturing efforts to assist in making plastic parts for masks to help battle the COVID-19 outbreak. While they may be a current mainstay in manufacturing, they are nowhere near new and have been around for quite a while. 

A Little History of Injection Molding

The first injection molding machine was patented in 1872 by John Wesley Hyatt and his brother Isaiah. The machine looked different back then and was simplified, resembling a hypodermic needle that used a plunger to inject plastic through heated cylinder into a mold. The progress in the industry was slow at first making collar stays, button, and hair combs. In 1903 they used the first soluble form of cellulose acetate that was less flammable than cellulose nitrate which led to usage in powder form. 

How Does it Work?

An injection machine is made up of three primary components – the feed hopper, the screw and the heated barrel. Plastic granules for the part are fed into the heated barrel by a hopper. Plastic that is placed in the hopper is usually in powder or granular form although some resins, for instance silicone rubber, may be a liquid and might not entail heating. The material is then melted utilizing the frictional action of a reciprocating screw accompanied with heater bands. The molten plastic is then injected through the nozzle and into a mold cavity – it may seem easy, but injection molding is actually a very complex process. While in the mold cavity, the material cools and solidifies to the configuration of the cavity. When the part has hardened, the moveable platen that the mold is mounted opens and the part is ejected using ejector pins.

Buying an Injection Molder

Are you in the market for an injection molder? Buying one used could be a way to keep your output going for less money. HGR has used injection molders for sale like Engel, Cincinnati Milacron, Sumitomo, and more. Browse some our inventory here or see what’s on sale in our upcoming online sales event. 

Used Band Saws Cut Costs

Band saw parts
Photo Credit: MIT.edu

Band saws are versatile tools that may not be the first thing you purchase for your woodworking shop. Once you get one though, you realize that you can no longer live without it.  All band saws are not created equal and the industrial band saws are bigger and beefier than their end-user counter parts. Band saws have been a staple to multiple industries since conception. 

Vintage Band Saw
Photo Credit: First & Prybil Machinists

History of the Band Saw

In 1809, a British patent went to William Newberry, but he had issues with blade durability which delayed the mainstream use until France native, Anne Paulin Crepin devised a welding technique to overcome this hurdle. It was 1846 when she applied for the patent and then sold it to manufacturer A. Perin & Company of Paris. It was here that they combined new steel alloys and her advanced tempering techniques resulting in the fist modern band saw. 

Why Buy Used

Have you ever bought a new car and drove it off the lot?  We all know what happens to the value the moment that happens. This is the same for machinery. Once they get the new equipment, the value has dropped significantly.  Buying used saves that original mark up and your overall costs. There is also how fast you will get the machine. If you were to buy used, and had a method of transportation, you could walk into a place like HGR a buy one today and leave with it. Even if you need help with shipping, it will be no where near the amount of time it takes for a new machine to be manufactured, 

Used Band Saws

HGR has over 150 used band saws available currently. Popular brands like Amada, Takisawa, Bosch, Hyd-Mech, Clausing, DoAll, and more. There are different types of saws available like Horizontal Band Saws, Vertical Band Saws, Up Cut Saws, and too many more to name. You will just have to browse the inventory to see. From industrial grade saws that cost $20,000 down to end-user hobby saws. HGR also carries blades for saws, but are limited to supply. Being a surplus dealer, sometimes you can’t tell what will be coming in stock until it arrives.