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Finishing Equipment June 2021 Highlights

Finishing Equipment at HGR

Working for a company or business that makes and sells metal products, means you
may highly benefit from a piece of Finishing Equipment. Finishing Machines are used to surface
finish the exterior of a metal product. If your metal product needs to be brightened, cleaned,
deburred, or descaled, then HGR Industrial Surplus can surely help with that. Here on HGR’s
website, there are more than 60 different Finishing Machines to choose from.

The first machine that will be highlighted and explained in this blog will be the Pangborn
GN Rotoblast machine. This specific machine is designed to thoroughly clean all types of
forgings, stampings, weldments, and castings. This machine can finish small – to – medium –
sized castings and is ideal for deburring and descaling. The best part about this Pangborn
machine is that it offers a variety of barrel sizes. That means, whatever piece you need blasted,
you can customize your barrel to suit your needs. If you are interested in this Finishing Pangborn
machine, or ones like it, the link below will take you right to it!

The second machine that is going to be highlighted from HGR Industrial Surplus is the Cyclone Blast Cabinet. This machine has been made to be easily accessible for the user. This cabinet can handle many abrasives like glass beads, silicon carbide, blasting garnet, and white or brown aluminum oxide. The cabinet is produced from steel, which ensures that it is strong enough to handle different abrasives. Along with having a very powerful blast system, this machine comes at a discounted price. All of the products that HGR sells are used, so you are able to purchase them at a way better discount! If you are interested in looking at this second Finishing Machine, then click the link below! https://hgrinc.com/productDetail/Finishing/Used-Cyclone-Cyclone-3024-Blast-Cabinet/02211810013/.

The final Finishing Product that I will be highlighting is the Empire Blast Cabinet. If you
are looking for a piece of equipment that involves cleaning chemicals, then this is perfect for
your business. This Blast Cabinet is built to perform many tasks after one another, by simply
varying the air pressure. With that technique, the machine is able to finish the job quicker and
more efficiently. You can specify this machine with either suction or pressure blast systems. You
would choose the pressure blast system if you need the production of your item to come out
more quickly and in bulk. If you are interested in looking more into this machine and the price
of it, click the link below!
After looking at all of the great products from HGR Industrial Surplus, it is time to choose
which one would suit your business the best. If none of these Finishing Machines sparked
your interest, there are plenty more to look at right here https://hgrinc.com/surplus/finishing/.
In conclusion, owning pieces of Finishing Equipment is definitely a smart move for any business
or company. If you create products in bulk that need attention, these machines are perfect for
just that. Go take a look at what else HGR Industrial Surplus has to offer!

Fabrication Equipment at HGR Industrial Surplus

Fabrication Equipment at HGR Industrial Surplus

           If you work in a business that requires machinery or need products made in bulk, then a piece of Fabrication Equipment would be a great machine to own. Fabrication Equipment is a complex piece of equipment manufactured from many individual components put into one. So, instead of buying tons of different devices, you can buy a piece of equipment that has it all in one. In this blog, you will find the most popular and affordable Fabrication Equipment that HGR Industrial Surplus has to offer. https://hgrinc.com/surplus/fabrication/.

           The first popular piece of Fabrication Equipment that will highlight is the Morrison Keyseater. D.C Morrison Company produces these Keyseaters. The owner, Donald Morrison, saw high demand for a less expensive way of cutting Keyways and invented the Keyseater in 1950. If you are unsure what this machine does, it cuts internal shapes and forms them faster than regular machines, for less of the price. If you require a machine that cuts shapes or creates them quickly and efficiently, then the Keyseater is the best option for you. Not only does HGR offer these, but we also offer them at lower prices because these are used products. If you are interested in looking at this specific piece of equipment, click the link below. https://hgrinc.com/productDetail/Fabrication/Used-Morrison-Company-Morrison-Keyseater/04212040005/.

           The second piece of Fabrication Equipment highlighted in this blog is the Neilson Hot Stamping Machine. This specific piece of equipment is similar to regular printing but a bit more complicated. Normal vertical stamp printed is done with one single color on plastic, paper, and wood. A Hot Stamping Machine is divided by either a pneumatic or hydraulic machine. If you are looking to produce mass printing for smaller products, then the Pneumatic Hot Stamping Machine is ideal. However, if you are looking for stamping on a larger printing area, then the Hydraulic Hot Stamping Machine will be the one to choose. HGR offers specific machines, as well as other similar devices! If you are interested in taking a look at this machine and others, this link will direct you https://hgrinc.com/productDetail/Fabrication/Used-Nelson-Hot-Stamping-Machine-Nelson-Hot-Stamping-Machine-Hot-Stamping-Machine/05200510218/.

           The last Fabrication machine that will be highlighted is the Diacro Punch Press. The model that HGR offers is called the Diacro 2 Punch Press. This machine was designed to punch holes of all different sizes and shapes. If you produce products for a business that requires hole punching, this machine is worth purchasing. You can adjust the side and back gauges as well. The die holders allow punching up to 4” in diameter. HGR also offers this machine at a lower price than when purchasing brand new. You can take a look at this specific model right here https://hgrinc.com/productDetail/Fabrication/Used-Diacro-Diacro-2-Punch-Press/05210690005/.

           After reading and understanding more about Fabrication Equipment, you may be curious to find more pieces of equipment. Luckily for you, HGR owns more than 700 pieces of Fabrication Equipment! So take a quick or long look at HGR’s available equipment – you are sure to find something that your company needs, whether big or small.

Dust Collection Equipment at HGR Industrial Surplus

Dust Collection Equipment

If you work in any type of building, then you most definitely know about dust that sits in the air. Due to more airborne illnesses as well, it is especially important to own an Air Purifier or Dust Collector. If you work in a building with many other people, they may suffer from seasonal allergies or even allergies from dust and dander. Owning and keeping up with a Dust Collector is one of the most important machines for your business, especially with seasons changing and COVID-19. Luckily for you, HGR Industrial Surplus owns a couple of hundred different types of Dust Collection Equipment to suit all of your company’s needs.

  The first piece of equipment highlighted is going to be the Donaldson Torit 80 Cabinet Dust Collector. Not only is this machine a new arrival, but also one of the most popular and trusted brands for Dust Collectors. This machine offers reliable and cost-efficient filtration, as well as an extremely easy way to replace Dust Collector bags. The filter for this machine is manually operated, which makes it very easy to clean. The best part about this model is that it includes four filter media selections and three construction choices – which gives you the ability to customize the machine for your business’s needs. If you are interested in this machine or looking more into it, here is the link below. https://hgrinc.com/productDetail/Dust-Collection/Used-Donaldsontorit-Donaldsontorit-80-Cab-Dust-Collector/05210770002/.

The second piece of Dust Collector Equipment I will be highlighting is the Empire Dust Collector. This Dust Collector is specifically designed for air-blast applications. This system captures the dust-laden air, filters it, and then returns clean air to the building. Empire uses nano-technology to provide a longer life for their machines. There is also no need for outside venting of air for the Empire Dust Collectors. Each machine also comes with a properly sized high-pressure blower. One of the best parts of this machine is that it allows you to clean the cartridges during its operation. This machine is a new arrival, so you should go snag it while you can. https://hgrinc.com/productDetail/Dust-Collection/Used-Empire-Empire-Dust-Collector/05200510170/.

The final product that will be highlighted in this blog is called the Pangborn Dust Collector. Pangborn is a great company to purchase Dust Collectors from because having clean air is their first priority. HGR Industrial Surplus offers some of these models from Pangborn at a cheaper price because they are all used machines. Pangborn Dust Collectors require very minimal maintenance, which is perfect for a large and busy business. Their machines are also extremely safe for not only the environment but also the people working in the environment. These machines work with any blast equipment, no matter the manufacturer. Pangborn may sound like the perfect Dust Collector for you, so take a look at this link right here https://hgrinc.com/productDetail/Dust-Collection/Used-Pangborn-Pangborn-Bt6067-Dust-Collector/05190221011/.

After reading about these affordable and efficient Dust Collectors, you may feel eager to purchase one. Not only does HGR offer these at cheaper prices, but there are so many to choose from. HGR owns and offers the most popular brands including Donaldson-Torit, Smoghog, and Greystone. It is extremely important to have safe air for your facility and workers, so go take a look at what HGR Industrial Surplus has to offer. https://hgrinc.com/surplus/dust-collection/.

CNC Machines Featured at HGR

If you are in need of a machine that is extremely efficient, pin-point precise,  and advanced, then a CNC Machine would be a perfect purchase for you. A CNC Machine is any type of machinery that manufactures parts and is controlled by a computer. There are many different types, including lathes, drills, jet cutters, and mills. If any of this sparks your interest, you can find used CNC Machines at HGR Industrial Surplus, located in this link https://hgrinc.com/surplus/cnc/. Otherwise, this blog will be describing and giving examples of specific CNC Machines that HGR has to offer.

One of the most popular brands to purchase CNC Machines from is the company called Okuma. Okuma is a major company that sells many different types of machines, but the machine that will be highlighted is the Ga-36f CNC Grinder. This machine provides multi-plunge, straight plunge, face plunge, and tapered traverse grinding operations. The best part about this grinder is that it is extremely flexible in handling a wide variety of whatever shapes you would need produced. If you are on the lookout for a flexible grinder that can serve its purpose well, this specific machine is located right here https://hgrinc.com/productDetail/CNC/Used-Okuma-Okuma-Ga-36f-CNC-Grinder/04210650001/. Keep in mind that all of HGR’s CNC Machines are used.


The next popular product that will be highlighted is the Haas TL-3 CNC Lathe. Along with Okuma, Haas also has a large selection of products available, including CNC Machines. This Lathe is one of the best on the market because of how easy it is to learn and use. The precision of Haas’s CNC Machines is also some of the greatest available. If you are starting up a business or store, and are in need of a CNC Lathe, this is most definitely the perfect choice for you. Being able to adapt to a machine easily is very important – this machine will provide just that. Not only does HGR offer this Haas TL-3 CNC Lathe, but it is also offered cheaper because it is used. You can find this exact machine right here https://hgrinc.com/productDetail/CNC/Used-Haas-Haas-Tl-3-CNC-Lathe/04210460001/.

The last product that will be highlighted is the Iemca Bar Feeder, specifically the Elite 220 EVO model. This bar feeder is not only extremely easy to use, but also an extremely precise machine. It is ideal for applications with machines equipped with laser cutters. This machine works very fast and efficiently. If you are interested into looking more at this machine, HGR owns one for sale https://hgrinc.com/productDetail/CNC/Used-Iemca-Iemca-Bar-Feeder/04211300026/.

In conclusion, CNC Machines are very vital to machinery businesses, as well as everyday life. Many products you use today have been produced through machines like the ones listed above. There are many more types of machines you can also purchase. The other popular brands that HGR offers include Mori Seiki, Mazak, Amada, and Cincinnati. HGR offers all of these machines at cheaper prices because they are all used, which is ideal for companies just starting out. As of right now, there are 171 CNC Machines to choose from on HGR’s website, so go take a look!


Chemical Processing Blog

Used Chemical Processing Equipment Meets Needs and Costs


If you work for any type of industry, then you most likely know what different chemical processing equipment is. There are hundreds of different types of these machines, and they are essential for everyday business. Most chemical processing equipment is typically used by industrial manufacturers and can help your business sell products quicker and more efficiently. In this blog, we look at some used chemical processing equipment that HGR Industrial Surplus sells, and about the equipment as well.

One popular chemical processing piece of equipment that will be highlighted is called the Henry Filters Filter Conveyor. Henry Filters was founded right here in Bowling Green, Ohio. This business is widely used around the world and was just recently bought by Barnes International. Since the business had been bought, they do not make this exact model anymore. So, if you are looking for a filter conveyor, you should definitely snag this one while it lasts. These machines are the best in the business and are highly trusted among people from all over. If you are interested in snagging this machine, click right here https://hgrinc.com/productDetail/Chemical-Processing/Used-Henry-Filters-Henry-Filters-280-Mv-36-Filter-Conveyor/07180525811/.

A widely used piece of equipment that HGR sells is the Hotsy Hot Water Pressure Washers. These pressure washers are the best out there, literally. Hotsy is the #1 brand for industrial power washers. When you look far down the road, you will realize that you will need a pressure washer many times in your life. Whether it be for your own personal use, or for a bigger use, it will definitely be useful to you. Hot water pressure washers are very important if you need to wash surfaces that contain any type of oil, grease, or grime. When washing with cold water, it does not cause hard liquids like oil to wash away. When choosing one of Hotsy’s hot water pressure washers, you have many different options to choose from. You can choose a washer that is fueled with either fuel oil, natural gas, or propane. Lucky for you, HGR sells these hot water pressure washers, located right here. https://hgrinc.com/productDetail/Chemical-Processing/Used-Hotsy-Hotsy-555ss1.109-033.0-Heated-Pressure-Washer/10201410124/.

Another popular piece of equipment that HGR offers to customers is called the HydroFlo Incline Plate Clarifiers. These machines may sound confusing, but they are a very useful product. They are used to remove settleable suspended solids from wastewater or process streams. When you own one of these machines, it allows downstream filters to perform how they are designed to perform. The awesome thing about the Incline Plate Clarifiers is that you can alter the space plate. They also offer the largest line of clarifiers available. If you are interested in one of these products, HGR offers some here https://hgrinc.com/productDetail/Chemical-Processing/Used-Hydro-Flo-Hydro-Flo-Ipc-440-Incline-Plate-Clarifier/04211610001/.

After looking at three of HGR Industrial Surplus’s chemical processing machines that they offer, you may be interested in more. Lucky for you, HGR owns and sells hundreds of these types of machines. Whether you have a high or low-price budget or want a used product, HGR offers all of these to you – just a couple of clicks away. Whether you have your eye out for a Mixing Blade or a new Water Tank, HGR has a major selection for you.



Interactive Touch Screen Displays at HGR

As technology grows and increases, the need for new and advanced technology increases as well. If you own any type of business, you are always on the lookout for the newest products. A product hot on the market right now are touch panels. An Australian company called Commbox has many different styles of these panels that are perfect for all different needs. These touch screens not only help a select few businesses but can be of advantage to anyone. This product with the newest technology is ensured to be of use to you.  

As stated above, Commbox is an Australian company born in 1976. Not only do they manufacture their machines in Australia now, but they also are located in South Korea. Commbox is such a trusted company because productivity is their main goal. The company strives to find new ways to adapt to their surroundings to ensure the greatest products for their customers. Commbox has a huge partner base to ensure that they are getting ideas and thoughts from everywhere. You will find products from Commbox in many different spaces and environments. Their products are made to be extremely interactive with the user, offering the newest technology available. 

The main product focus in this blog is the 60-inch touch screen panel, as well as the 75-inch touch screen panel. These products have been specially designed to be used by multiple people at a time. For example – in classrooms, and in meetings. When students have the ability to use a touch screen tool in the classroom, it opens so many learning possibilities. There are so many possibilities. Whether you are in a meeting for your fashion brand, or figuring out a new dish for your restaurant, every single business will have a need for this panel. The best feature of the Commbox Interactive Panel is the classic hardware. It is built with the CommBox Classic – which ensures durability and the best touchscreen available on the market. It has also been made extremely easy to use due to the ability to connect your device or laptop wirelessly. There are many key features including the ability to screen share, and CDM – which is remote screen monitoring and control. If you are in a large building or a classroom, there are also Emergency lockdown templates to use. The best part about the 60 and 75-inch touch screen panels is that they are widely used. In schools, retail, restaurants, and the list goes on. If you own or purchase a Commbox, they also update automatically, which makes everything much easier. If you are having any issues with your touch screen panel, Commbox has an excellent support team that can help you with any issues you are having. Whether they can help over the phone, or an onsite visit, your needs will be met. 

The most popular part about the Interactive touch screen panels is the whiteboard. When having access to a large board that has many amazing features, it opens the space for ideas and higher amounts of creativity. When using a digital whiteboard, it gives the users the ability to brainstorm and save it digitally. When in a large meeting or a classroom, it can be hard to remember or recall information. But when you are using the Commbox Interactive touch panels, it gives you the ability to save anything you have written or drawn. The awesome thing about this product is that there are many different tools available. Not only can you write out your ideas, but you can also be creative with it. The Interactive touch panels are made to be customizable. Even though every product has been structured and well made, you are given the ability to use it however you like. Not only do these touch panels work extremely well in a classroom environment, but they also work well for digital signage and video conferencing. Due to the current situation with the global pandemic, video conferencing has never been more popular. Owning a Commbox Interactive touch panel would be extremely useful right now, and anytime in the future. Especially if you own a business, or plan on doing so. These touch panels also have the latest in LED, and anti-glare glass. The Commbox Interactive touch panels have everything you could want – the latest technology, LED, and infinite media applications. 

The two touch panel models that we recommend are the 75-inch, which is the ZL-30575L/S and the 60-inch panel, which is called the ZL-3060IL. There are many of these on the market right now, as well as good prices. HGR Industrial Surplus has many different options, including these, located in this link https://hgrinc.com/?all=1&view&aisle&from&to&markdowns&newarrivals&sort&kw=Commbox&per_page=24&min_price&max_price&pn=1. 

Commbox is the right company to purchase from, especially from HGR. Not only can you purchase an Interactive LED touch panel locally, but you can also purchase it affordably. 

Want to learn more about this product and how to use it? Visit  Commbox’s Training section to see if this product is for you.

Welding Equipment for Sale at HGR

Welding at HGR Industrial Surplus

Welding Equipment for Sale At HGR is a great way to save thousands, but welding has an important history as well. One of the most important processes in the world is Welding. If you take a look at some of the things you own in your household, many of them have been welded. There is a whole world to Welding. It may seem like an easy process since metal is just joined together through heat, but it can be complicated. There are different types of Welding as well as different ways to do it. There are also so many types of Welding Equipment to choose from. Not only can you buy Welding machines, but you can also become a Welder – and start doing it as a job. Whether you would like to buy equipment or you are just curious, this blog will be sure to help all of your Welding needs.

Welding has been around as long as we can trace back – but in different ways. According to https://weldguru.com/welding-history/, copper was the first metal to be shaped in Welding history. Serious Welding was thought to begin in Egypt around 4000 B.C. The civilizations used materials like gold, bronze, silver, and iron. A while after, humans began shaping the metal into items we see every day like jewelry and utensils. One of the most popular things that were made during this time was weapons. Welders were especially popular because the demand for weapons was high. The Egyptians started Soldering metal (melting two items together). They started doing this to help make the tombs. Big progress started happening during the industrial revolution. Skip to the present day, and there have been endless advancements to Welding Equipment.

Up to the current day, there are over 90 Welding processes available. Since technology is always growing, research for Welding Equipment grows as well. The newest and most popular Welding Equipment is called the Gas Metal Arc Welding – Brazing machine. It is used for making auto parts. The 4 most common types of Welding Processes include Gas Metal Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Gas Welding, Flux Cored Arc Welding, and Shielded Metal Arc Welding, according to https://www.lincolntech.edu/news/skilled-trades/welding-technology/types-of-welding-procedures. The future of Welding looks quite bright. Welding will become more automated in the future as technology keeps growing, and as many other machines become automated. There will also be many new developments that will help reduce energy in the machines. Since the new Gas Welding Equipment works efficiently and uses less energy, you can imagine what could possibly be developed in the future.

All of this information about Welding Equipment may spark some curiosity in you about different brands and prices. HGR Industrial Surplus has Welding Equipment to supply all of your Welding needs. If you are looking for something cheaper, they have many used options, as well as smaller machines. If you are looking for a very nice machine, HGR has many popular and great brands including Miller, Lincoln Electric, Roman, and Hobart. The awesome thing about HGR is that they have many different types of equipment – Seam Welders, Spot Welders, Arc Welders, and Plasma Cutters. If you are interested in looking at these options, they are located at this link. Now, go get to Welding!

Press Brakes at HGR

If you work with or have anything to do with machines, you can understand how important the machine industry is. Industrial Machinery is incredibly important for every aspect of America, and all across the world as well. Whether you are looking for brand new machines or used machinery, this blog will highlight what some important machines are and how you can purchase them. 

Industrial machines can be used for many purposes, and there are also thousands of machines to choose from. Hydraulic Presses are a very popular and useful option. The machine is used to bend and fold metal by pressing it into a die. Next to these machines, CNC Press Brakes are very important machines. They are used to bend sheet metal. These two types of machines have many variations, and you can purchase them brand new or used. If you are looking for a place to purchase these machines after you are done reading this, there is something called a Machinery Dealer to help out with that. A Machinery Dealer is a business enterprise or corporation that engages in the retail sale of machinery equipment. Lucky for you, one of these Machinery Dealers is called HGR – which is an industrial surplus that can help with all of your machinery needs. 

If you know any information about Hydraulic Presses or CNC Press Brakes, you will know that these machines are quite similar and often work hand-in-hand. A CNC Press Brake bends sheets of metal by pinching it between a “punch” and a “die”. These enable the machine to either bend the metal in smaller or larger pieces depending on what you desire. CNC Press Brakes are practically metal bending machines, though they have many different varieties. These varieties include Mechanical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Servo Electric Press Brakes. Many premium Press Brake Machines come with an electronic screen that helps the company operate what they would like even easier. As mentioned above, Press Brakes use dies to help bend the metal. There is also an abundance of variations of dies that can be purchased or used for Press Brakes. Some of these include Offset dies, Gooseneck dies, Multi bend dies, and V-dies. Right next to Press Brakes, there are also Hydraulic Presses. These machines can do the same metal bending as Press Brakes, but in a different way. This machine works by using hydraulic cylinders to apply a very strong force to either metal or another object, and then can either bend it, stamp it, or flatten it out. Hydraulic Presses are extremely popular for companies because they can do many different actions with just itself. These machines give the operator the ability to produce different products and looks. Just like Press Brakes, you can also purchase different types of the machine. Some of these examples include the Movable Frame, Air Operated, and the Double Acting Hydraulic Press. Each of these designs are different from each other and are able to do different tasks depending on what you are looking for. Researching what you would like before buying any types of these machines is incredibly smart because there are so many different varieties and prices. 

If you are interested in purchasing either a type of Press Brake or a Hydraulic Press, HGR is a great choice to choose. Not only does HGR have hundreds of machine types available for your needs, they also care deeply about their customers. They carry the most popular brands and high-quality machines to suit any of your machinery needs. When owning a business that is in need of machinery to succeed, a lot of money will need to be spent. That is why one of HGR’s biggest missions is to supply customers with not only the best products – but products at an affordable price. Whether you are a small business, or a large corporation, we can assure you that HGR has something that you are looking for. You may take a look at their website right here https://hgrinc.com. Use the search bar to look for Press Brakes, Hydraulic Presses, and beyond. HGR is sure to have a machine to assist your companies needs! 

Used Pick and Place Robots at HGR

pick and place robots at HGRAlmost everyone on the planet is fascinated by robots. They are so fascinating because of the unknown. What if I told you that you could buy an affordable robot for your business? Technology has been advancing at crazy speeds, so it is extremely smart for machinery businesses to have top-of-the-line products to meet their customers needs. In this blog, you will learn everything you need to know about Pick and Place Robots – they could help your business tremendously.
A Pick and Place Robot is exactly what it sounds like. It picks up parts or items and places them in the desired location. Industrial robots have been an important part of everyday life but Pick and Place Robots are one of the first. In 1930, Bill Taylor was the first to build this robot. He actually used the parts and components from an old toy system called the Meccano. It was a crane-like machine and was powered by a single electric motor. Taylors invention was such an important part of machinery history because it led to a huge industry boost.
The modern Pick and Place robot is just how it was in the 1930’s – it has just evolved greatly. This works by placing the machine on a stable stand, and then you can position it to however you desire. Pick and Place Robots use advanced vision technology to look for objects, grasp them, and then move the objects from one place to another. The great thing about these robots is that there are many different types of models and design options available to help with whatever project you are looking to complete. A Pick and Place robot has many uses, including helping to package up products if you own a business.
If you are interested in purchasing and owning a Pick and Place Robot, there are many different models to choose from. The most common type of robot is the Robotic Arm. There are two types, called a 5-axis Robotic Arm and a 6-axis Robotic Arm. The 5-axis Arm is used for more simple projects, while the 6-axis Arm is used for more complex and bigger projects. The next type of robot is called the Cartesian, which is a lot like the 6-axis Arm. Another popular Pick and Place Robot is the Delta, which is very helpful for assembly projects. This robot has extremely advanced vision technologies to help distinguish various sizes and shapes. Two other popular robots include the Fast Pick and the Collaborative Robots. If you are interested in learning more about these different types of robots, this link has everything I have included and more https://6river.com/what-is-a-pick-and-place-robot/.
These Pick and Place Robots are pretty awesome right? They help with so many projects. Whether you work with machines or own a business where you need to ship projects in bulk, this robot is extremely helpful. Plus, you can purchase different kinds of models to help suit your needs and your budget. Whether you are looking for a huge machine or a small one, HGR can supply you with whatever you are looking for. See more here. This link above takes you right to HGR’s page with hundreds of choices to choose from. HGR has some of the most popular brands including Yamaha, Abb, and Yaskawa. There are hundreds of things you can complete with a Pick and Place Robot – so go take a look!

Creative Uses for WIre Decking

Everyone loves buying products brand new – they are ready to use. Though, there is something nice about building or making your own objects. Plus, it can be cheaper to make something yourself! If you are looking for something useful and fun to create, this blog is perfect to read. HGR sells a very basic material that you can make many useful products out of. This material is a Pallet Rack Wire Deck. Listed below are some awesome products you can make yourself out of wire decking. 

  1. The Wire Decking that HGR sells looks a lot like fencing material, so just as you can imagine, you are able to build a modular fence out of it. All you need to add along with the Wire Decking is posts to hold up the fence. It can be a very easy job and help a yard or property!
  2. You can easily build a compost bin out of Wire Decking, which has endless benefits for you and the environment. Not only is this project extremely easy, it helps build good habits for the Earth!
  3. If you are reading this blog post, then you may more than likely own a pickup truck to carry around materials. Having a window guard for your truck can be a very smart idea, and luckily for you, that can be made out of Wire Decking as well! As well as a window guard, you can also make stake body panels for the sides of your trucks bed. Very easy and efficient. 
  4. If you own a fire pit, then the Wire Decking is the perfect material for the grate around the pit! It is very simple to assemble, and if you have extra Wire Decking sitting around, then it is the perfect use for that. 
  5. Many people own pets, especially right now. If you have a rowdy puppy that needs to stay out of specific space, or you need to make an enclosed area outside, then the Wire Decking is absolutely perfect for that. It is the perfect pet barrier and is very easy to put together. As well as keeping animals enclosed, it can also keep pesky animals outside of trashcans. You can make a barrier to go outside of your trashcans to keep raccoons from making a big mess. 
  6. If you own a pickup truck as earlier stated, you may as well own a trailer to carry materials or transport items. A couple pieces of Wire Decking can help set up the sides of a trailer. 
  7. If you own a firepit, then you most definitely own firewood. You can use the pieces of Wire Decking to keep the firewood off the ground – if it gets wet, it is ruined. Super easy, and extremely helpful. 

As seen above, there are endless things you can create with Wire Decking. If you purchase it in bulk, then you can start multiple of these projects. HGR sells this material in bulk, and you can take a look at it right here.

You can either buy your Wire Decking in bulk, or small quantities. Now, go buy some and get to work! 

Plastic Injection Machine

Industrial Plastic Equipment at HGR

Used Industrial Plastic Equipment at HGR Industrial Surplus will help save money while expanding your business. Many machinery businesses produce large amounts of plastic. You can make practically anything out of plastic, so having a machine that can produce products quicker and easier is quite ideal. There are many machines and equipment that you can purchase that will help with all of your plastic-making needs, and this blog will give those examples Industrial Plastic Equipment at HGR Industrial Surplus.

If you have ever heard of Plastic Injection Molding, then you know that it is the most common way to produce large amounts of plastic parts. Whether you work for a large corporate business, or a small business, this machine will most definitely come in use. The way that this machine works is quite simple – resin is injected under high pressure into a metal die, and it is rapidly cooled. After being cooled down, it forms a solid shape. The awesome part about this machine is that it makes a single cycle of your desired part in just a few minutes, or even seconds, depending on what is being made. If you are looking for a Plastic Injection Molding machine, then HGR is the place to look. This link right here gives just one example of what HGR holds on their website . 

HGR also offers many other machines for the use of plastic. One of the most common machines that they sell is called a Chiller. If you are using an injection machine, you will most likely want a Chiller. Chillers are used to transfer heat out of the mold temperature controller (thermolator). The main reason why a company would use a Chiller is to protect their equipment and to increase production. As you can see, owning a Chiller is essential when also owning a Plastic Injection Molding machine. Not only does it save a lot of time and money for your business, but it also ensures that your plastic products are in the best shape they can be. Here is a link to HGR that will show you many different options for a Chiller . 

There are many more machines that help with making plastics. These other machines include Pullers, Mold Presses, and Blenders. If you are interested in learning more about these machines and how they work, the link given above shows HGRs supplies of these machines. Not only does HGR provide products for a cheaper price, but they also provide many different popular brands of machinery. Their popular plastic equipment brands include Affinity, Conair, Rapid, Van Dorn, Davis-Standard, Matsui, Neslab, Dukane, and many more as well. HGR provides many discounts, so take a look at the link above! You can create and distribute many things with these machines. With the ever-improving uses of plastic materials, there are so many opportunities to expand your business and make more income. 

Have you seen our featured product playlist that highlights some of the most recent items that have arrived at HGR? If not, you can do so here!

Drill press up close in action

Featured Product – Drill Press


Our featured product is the multi purpose drill press. If you have ever worked with wood or metal, then you know what a Drill Press is, and why it is so important for manufacturing businesses. A Drill Press is a stationary power tool that is designed to bore precise holes into metal or wood. Owning a Drill Press has so many benefits – it can help with different projects! They are very large machines, but they come in handy to any craftsman. 

Two men under the names of Arthur James Arnot and William Blanch Brain were the first to patent the Electric Drill. Although there were human-powered drills made hundred of years previous, these two men broke through and came up with the Drill Press in Melbourne, Australia around 1889. Drill Presses have improved greatly since the first invention, but they still had many of the same parts that a Press uses today. The first Drill Presses had a motor, and a handle that you could use to feed the drill into the workpiece. You could also add adjustable tables, which allowed you to use larger or smaller workpieces, and you could also drill to different depths. 

As time went by, the Drill Press became more efficient. In the 1930s the Drill Press started to make its biggest strides from a innovation standpoint. The most important characteristic of a Drill Press is the accuracy of it. The more accurate the Drill Press is, the better it is going to work for its owner. That is the most important thing to look for when purchasing a Drill Press. After the presses began improving, big companies like Delta and JD Wallace started to enter the industry and produce very high-quality Drill Presses. 

Drill press at a shopModern Drill Presses have still improved greatly since 1930. The two major recent advances for these machines are the lasers, and the speed without having belt changes. There have been major improvements in technology, so they have been added to these machines. Instead of having to use a system of belts for the Drill Press, the modern improvement now consists of using a knob electronically. The power of the drill can now be preserved due to new technology. Now that modern technology uses laser beams, the Drill Press uses a laser to look down onto the work piece to indicate where the drill will go. 

After hearing about Drill Presses, you may be wondering how to get one, or where to get one. HGR Industrial has many different types of Drill Presses for sale, as well as many different brands. You can see them here. Since Drill Presses have improved so greatly through the years, they will only keep getting better. Keep an eye on the Drill Presses that HGR offer because there are so many to choose from, and they will only keep improving the machines. Stronger improvement in technology means stronger improvement in Drill Presses. 

Interested in seeing what else HGR has to offer? Watch some of our product videos on our Featured Products playlist. Here you will see our latest video updates, so make sure you subscribe to stay updated. 

Cincinnati Inc Machinery at HGR

Cincinnati Incorporated 

If you ever find yourself looking for a company that values customer relationships and high-quality machines, then take a look at https://www.e-ci.com. Cincinnati is known for delivering high quality machine tools to their highly valued customers. Cincinnati makes sure they have the newest technology and the most innovative products to keep their customers happy. 

Cincinnati first started out as The Cincinnati Shaper Company in the late 1890’s. After working on early machines, they started to manufacture metal fabrication equipment in the early 1920’s. To present day, Cincinnati’s main focus is the same that it was in 1890 – to deliver the best equipment to valued customers. They have shipped more than 50,000 machines in over 100 years. In Cincinnati, Ohio, they have a 500,000-square-foot-plant that is used to build and create high quality machine tools. Cincinnati’s machines are known for their endurance and are commonly used around the country. 

If you are interested in purchasing a machine from Cincinnati, then you most likely know what a Press Brake is. If not, a Press Brake is a machine pressing tool that is used for bending a sheet of metal. Cincinnati has many options for all of your business needs. Some of these Press Brakes are called the Hyform, Maxform, Baseform, and many more. Most of the Press Brakes that Cincinnati sells includes Touchscreen HMI Control. If you are looking for a Press Brake from a local business, HGR sells many on their website. You can view a listing right here https://hgrinc.com/productDetail/Fabrication/Used-Cincinnati-Cincinnati-9-Series-X-10-12-Press-Brake/10200930001/. 

Another popular machine from Cincinnati is the Hydraulic Shear. This machine cuts and scores sheet metal very quickly and accurately. If you decide to purchase a Hydraulic Shear from Cincinnati, they have a 1-year part and labor warranty on the machine. Cincinnati has the greatest reviews on their Hydraulic Shears – if you are looking for one, you know where to purchase one from. HGR also supplies Hydraulic Shears, and other types of Shears as well. 

Unlike other machine tool companies, Cincinnati has something called the Gold Partner Program. It is a partnership with third party software suppliers. This has many benefits for both sides of the spectrum. It creates additional sales, and faster product development. Two of Cincinnati’s Gold Partners are SIGMANEST Software and ProNest Nesting Software. If you would like to receive more information on Gold Partners and how to become one, please click the link provided https://www.e-ci.com/gold-partners. 

After reading this blog on Cincinnati and their products, I am sure you are eager to go research more and perhaps even purchase a machine or two. Even though Cincinnati has many machines to pick and choose from, they also have machines under the names Cincinnati-Milacron, Cincinnati-Bickford, Cincinnati-Gilbert, and a few more. As stated above, Cincinnati’s main mission is to make the customer satisfied. These machines have been created and built to fulfill all of your business’s needs – whether they are big or small. Cincinnati works tirelessly to improve and expand their business. If you have decided that it is time to look at a Cincinnati machine to purchase, then please take a look at HGR’s supply of machines https://hgrinc.com/?all=1&view&aisle&from&to&last_chance&markdowns&newarrivals&sort&kw=Cincinnati&per_page=24&min_price&max_price&pn=1&search_type=manufacturer. 

Machinery Manufacturer Highlight – Okuma

Machinery Manufacturer Highlight – Okuma. Whether you enjoy buying big or small, it is always smart to invest your money into businesses that offer exceptional customer service. Not only does it help your company, but it also helps support the business that you are purchasing from in many ways. If you are looking for a machine company that has been working hard for customers for many centuries, then you may want to look into Okuma. read more about machinery manufacturer in this month’s highlight of Okuma.

Okuma started out as a small noodle making company in Japan. The founder, Eiichi Okuma, was trying to make Udon more effectively. Udon is a type of thick noodle used in Japanese cuisine. While figuring out his machine, he decided to use a Lathe to make “sticks”, which helped cut the noodles. After he discovered how to make this, that was the beginning of his very successful and long journey of founding Okuma.

Taking a quick glance at Okuma’s website will show you that they sell and supply machine tools and technologies. A machine that they most definitely specialize in is called the Lathe – it is a machine that can shape wood and metal. Okuma makes a very broad length of Lathes that can help any small or large business with their needs. Their Lathes offer a variety of bed lengths, bore sizes, and optional features. Okuma gives the option of customizing their products to suit their customers’ needs. The Lathes that their company makes has a thermo-friendly design, which gives the machine the ability to tolerate hard and tough conditions.

Along with supplying Lathes to customers, Okuma also supplies Grinders. Usually when you need to grind something, the plan is to just make the object into very small particles. At Okuma, their Grinders are used for extreme precision. They have many Grinders to choose from, so any of their needs can be met with. Not only do small businesses use these Grinders, but many important industries do as well. Many industries including construction, aerospace, and automotive rely on Grinders to keep their products and company running. Okuma provides these services to the industries while also providing exceptional customer service.

Another extremely important machine that Okuma supplies is a Vertical Machining Center with a CNC. A VMC is often used for cutting metal. A VMC has a vertical cutting head, with a computer numerical control controller. VMC’s are perfect for businesses that are progressive and growing quickly. These machines are extremely adaptable and can grow with your company. However, since there are so many bells and whistles to the VMC’s, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for your company. Okuma is able to help you find the right VMC for your business right on their website. Since VMC’s are being used in great capacities, there is definitely the right one for your business.

After reading about these machines from Okuma, you are probably eager to buy one for yourself. Since Okuma is based in Japan, you may want to find somewhere closer that has these machines in stock, ready for you at any time. If you visit our manufacturer search of Okuma,  you will find that HGR has many Okuma machines for sale. Some of the machines that are on sale include Lathes, CNC Vertical Machining Centers, and many Power Supplies. If you are interested in purchasing an Okuma machine for your business, there are many options for you in the link above.

Used Machinery Auctions on the Horizon

auction button

HGR is involved in partnering with auctioneers to bring you used machinery auctions from all industries. These companies could have a wide variety of machines and surplus supplies up for auction. That is why it is valuable to look into all of the auctions HGR has listed on their HGR Auction Page. You can also find a few of the last auctions that closed most recently. This helps you gauge your future interests auctions. This could be for whether you are shopping for machinery, or looking to auction some of your assets.

In February you can see our latest auctions on the page and make sure you register early. One of those is for a Major Nutraceutical Soft-gel Manufacturer. This is a timed auction and will be online only. Online auctions are not ran by HGR so all of the details of each auction vary per auction. For this auction you will find machinery like mixers, storage tanks, mills, hoists, and more. These items are all able to be bid on once the auction opens on February 4 at 11 a.m. and begins to close on February 11 at 11 a.m.

Inspecting the items you want to bid on is important. When the majority of the recent auctions have been done online, pictures of a machine may not be enough to invest thousands in. This is why each auction will set up what is called an inspection day. Each auction handles this differently, but typically there is an inspection day, one day before the auction. This does change from auction to auction. And some may be by appointment only, so please check each car by case.

Looking to the New Year at HGR

HGR has undergone some changes in 2020 and as the year comes to a close, we wanted to look back at some of them. Internally and externally there was aim at improving our processes and the facility itself. The building has been around for quite some time and if you are interested in the history of it, you can read more about it here. The front entrance has been remodeled with a better customer experience in mind. Under the hood, HGR is refining some processes with improving the overall flow of how you do business there. While you may not notice these changes, they will be the way of the future.z

HGR looked to address a few requests form truck drivers and customers when redoing the front entrance. During some of the busier days the loading times may vary. In the summer most drivers and customers will wait outdoors for their items to be loaded. There wasn’t a defined safe area for them to stand, and now HGR has addressed that by adding a waiting area outdoors behind a retaining wall. If you need a break from the sun, a shaded area has been added to help. To add to the aesthetics, landscaping was put in around the break area.


The website is the number one pipeline for the customers to see the latest incoming products at HGR. When there are hundreds of new arrivals daily, it pays for the site to be fast and informative. Some of the restructuring under the hood should lead to an improved site performance. With over 18 thousand items, and pages for each item, there can be some higher than desired loading times. This is what HGR looks to address in 2021. There may also be some changes to look of the site, but the overall functions will remain the same. There is a mission to make the shopping experience online as easy and as fast as possible. Due to the nature of HGR’s business, purchases will still be made in the traditional manner of phone call or mail in check. There is no flat rate to charge for shipping and factor that into payment, without setting up a quote. The variety of items and the differences between each receiving party make estimates without human interaction impossible. This also leads to the best possible rate due to having all available information. While it may take an extra minute or two, it could save you thousands in the end.

HGR is excited about the future and hopes to improve on what we believe is a good customer experience. 2020 is in the rear view and next year you can look forward to bigger and better sales and the addition of more auctions. HGR Auctions will be your home for all upcoming auctions.

If you are a railroad buff and want to know more about our connection to the Nickel Plate Rail Road, you can find out all of the info you need from their historical society here. HGR Industrial Surplus buys and sells everything you will need for industrial and manufacturing needs.

Used Centrifugal Feeder

A centrifugal feeder is used in the manufacturing process to achieve high efficiency in industries with labeling, automation, printing, and more. The centrifugal feeder takes bulk items feed into it and separates them and delivers them with a rotating disc to the next part of the process. These machines help lower the damage from part to part contact leading to imperfections. HGR has centrifugal feeders like this available at this link. We also want to highlight two great opportunities to own high quality used centrifugal feeders for less.

Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation is a Japanese company that was founded in 1955, as the Hoppmann Corporation. Shibuya acquired the Hoppmann Corporation in July of 2005. They have three facilities in the United States with 2 in Virginia And one in Indiana. Currently HGR has 2 of their Centrifugal Feeders in stock and can be seen here.  The frequency of our stock varies so there may be more or less items at any given time. The items also move fast so if you are interested in. One of these feeders, reach out to one of our sales staff for more info and how to arrange shipping.

HGR is your best source for used machinery and surplus industrial supplies. Our 12-acres showroom in Euclid houses more than 18 thousand items with hundreds more off site like larger machinery difficult to transport. There are different categories to browse from so make sure you use the too bar to the left of the screen to find exactly what you need.

Bidding on Upcoming Machinery Auctions at HGR

Bidding on Upcoming Machinery Auctions at HGR has just been made easier with HGR Industrial Surplus rolling out the new Auctions page. It is here that you will find out how you can start bidding on upcoming machinery auctions at HGR and what different auctions are currently available. HGR does not auction the equipment themselves. It is through a partnership with auctioneers like CIA, Bidspotter, and the Brandford Group that HGR gains access to these opportunities to get high quality used machinery for less than buying new. Most auction shave recently been online only, but the equipment is still viewable in person through inspection dates.

Inspection Dates
Most of the auction have shifted their focus to the digital world, but with used machinery, bidding online alone isn’t enough. For the prices of some of the machinery, you have to see it in person before you can make a sound bid on the item. Typically the day before bidding opens, there will be an inspection day. This is an open opportunity for you to come to the area where the machines are being used or stored and go over the machines head to toe. SOme of the machines are still in their working location and powered up. By coming in and seeing the machine work under load, you can bid more confidently on the machine.

Bidding Online
Bidding online is easy and is handled by the auctioneers that HGR has partnered with. They all have a very similar set up. You will have to create a profile for any of the online auction houses in order to place your bid. This is a pretty standard set up as with most sites today. Enter the info into the given fields and there you go. You are on your way to bidding for used machinery from your desktop or even your couch.

Every auction has their own set of guidelines to follow so make sure you read through the info to see what is valuable to you. The buyer’s fees and other things vary from site to site and even auction to auction. Make sure you are always looking at the details of the auction so there are no surprises later. Some of the auctions are one day for bidding, but others could be open for up to a week collecting bids. The last thing you want to do is miss out on an item, so visit each auctions page for their specific guidelines.

Mask Up for Gear at HGR

We get it. This sucks. 2020 has been hard on all of us and we want to take this moment to thank all of you for working with us through this hard time. We stay dedicated to making sure our showroom and sales offices are properly sanitized so you can keep your business moving with the machinery you need. We would also like to show our appreciation for you doing Mask Up Gear HGR Gear Buttonyour part.

From now until Mid-December HGR employees may approach you and ask for your name, your contact, and tell you, thank you for wearing your mask and doing your part. Your name will be entered with many others for random drawings to win HGR gear like hoodies, shirts, or hats.

Good luck, and thank you from everyone in the HGR family. We appreciate your business and look forward to better days together in the future.

Mask up for gear with HGR Industrial Surplus, your number home for used machinery and surplus industrial supplies. Don’t forget about helping out by donating canned goods for the hunger center. You can receive a raffle ticket to possibly win $500 so don’t miss your chance to do good, and win!

Auction of Swissturn Lathes and Bar Feeders with HGR

CNC Lathe and Bar Feeder AuctionSwissturn CNC Lathe Auction at HGR. Auctions are a great way for customers to get working used equipment for less than buying new machinery. Machinery can be expensive when looking at the initial investment and for some start up companies this may not be an option. Machinery auctions are something that many people may not be familiar with. I. Some cases business may be closing their doors and looking to recoup their investment. Other times they have upgraded machines and the old one is still in great condition and running. Moving these machines can be time and labor intensive, so posting these machines for auctions while still in their location and under power is advantageous to most sellers and buyers. Being able to see where the machine was housed and it in action invaluable to a potential buyer. Each auction has its own treasures to find, so check back frequently with HGR on the home page for updates. Read on for the latest auction.

November 16, 2020 at 8 a.m. is the date and time of the auction open for 2 Swissturn CNC Automatic Lathes and Edge Technologies Bar Feeders. The Lathes are manufactured by Tsunami Precision in July of 2008. Each lathe has a 20mm capacity, 6-axis, and a Fanuc 31i-A CNC Controller. The front and back spindles each operate at 5 horse power and comes with a chucker kit. These lathes have only had one owner. The Sri-Mist 850 Mist Collector is also a great addition to help the air quality in its working environment.

Up for auction as well are 2 bar feeders that are manufactured by Edge Technologies. These bar feeders are 12 foot long and have a 22mm guide channel set. The model number for these units is, FMB Turbo 326. If you have never participated in an online auction before, please visit the page for this auction for full details. The items are located in Cranston, Rhode Island and have inspection times available, but are only done by appointment. HGR frequently has auctions pop up, so check back on HGR’s Auction Update Page to see all of the available auctions and past ones.

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