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The End of an Era

HGR Entrance Construction

Over the last 20 years, HGR has opened the doors to customers and employees alike, providing new opportunities through machinery sales or employment. Countless used CNCs, Welders, and Shop Equipment have found new homes and a new purpose by the people who have walked through those doors.  Plenty of things have changed in those 20 years, but not these doors. Since the first customer walked through them in 1998, the doors have remained the same. The whole rear of the building was rebuilt, the showroom was expanded, companies have come and gone at 20001 Euclid Avenue, and the front sales office is unrecognizable to customers who haven’t been here in a few years. But those doors remained.  Well, the end of an era is here.


HGR New Entrance Blueprint

This week, the wrecking crew began the overhaul of the front facade. The normal entrance has been temporarily moved to the Shipping Office doors because the show must go on so, pardon the dust. It’s exciting to look forward to what the future has to offer and the brand new look of HGR Industrial Surplus.  Plans include a new entrance and a patio area for waiting or enjoying our free lunch on Wednesdays. Don’t worry. Those haven’t changed, and most likely never will. In the winter we do pizza from local places like Rascal House, Congin’s , and NEO Sports Plant to name a few.

By the way, did you want to see what it looked like as the front entrance came down? We were able to catch up at the right moment when they started to work on it. The steel underneath held its ground and put up quite a fight. You could feel the struggle as if it didn’t want to let go of its past. Finally, in the end, the outcome was the same. The bare brick stares back at the facade that once guarded it against the elements and wonders what is to come. Click on the video below to see this epic battle.

Reshoring America’s Jobs

Reshoring America's Jobs

Reshoring America’s Jobs are current buzz words being thrown around and for good reason. It is the practice of transferring your business operation that was overseas and back to the country it was originally located. The new Reshoring Initiative providing $100 million dollars to develop apprenticeship programs, legislation introduced to help close trade deficit, and a Reshoring Initiative president has been appointed to the Department of Commerce Investment Advisory Council. All big steps needed to move this initiative forward.

Back in the 1960s (1) you saw a trend of Offshoring begin within companies, but wasn’t under heavy public scrutiny until the 1970s. The thought process was that Offshoring would grant the companies cheaper labor and lower production costs, not to mention tax breaks and financial incentives. While some of these things may have occurred, it wasn’t without its flaws. Some of the disadvantages were quality control problems, time zone adjustments, language barriers, and effects on jobs where the company was originally based. These issues may have had an effect that led to the new Reshoring Initiative.

The Great Recession of 2008 forced companies to find alternative ways to cut costs by reshoring their businesses to the United States to create jobs for unemployed Americans. Since then, Reshoring has become a political priority with the SelectUSA program being started in 2011 (2) and the urging of major corporations to lead the change by setting the example.

Is your company looking to Reshore or would like some more information about it? Visit http://www.reshorenow.org and see how they can assist your business. They provide various resources like the ones listed on their site below.

The Reshoring Initiative is focused on Reshoring America’s Jobs which is helping companies shift collective thinking from “offshoring is cheaper” to “local reduces the total cost of ownership.” We do this by assisting manufacturers and suppliers in making sourcing decisions by providing valuable tools and resources including:

* Total Cost of Ownership Estimator® — an intuitive online calculator for determining a company’s profit and loss impact of reshoring vs. offshoring
* Case Studies — a collection of reshoring success stories from manufacturers, technology suppliers, and distributors
* Reshoring Library — an online searchable database derived from over 2,900 articles on reshoring
* Webinarsnews items and presentations — archives of past Reshoring Initiative events and articles you can use to inform customers or employees
* Personalized Help evaluating the offshore/reshore sourcing decision

 Other Resources
* Survey data on U.S. consumer preference for Made in America products.
* PowerPoints
* Data
* Economic Development Program
* Skilled Workforce program



CNC Turning Machines Show Growth Through 2025

CNC Turning Machine Graph

CNC Turning Machines are an important part of the manufacturing process. If you are a machine dealer or own a machine shop of any sort, it is important to keep an eye on the landscape of the business. While no one knows the future, one can look into the past, notice trends, and reasonably set goals that are achievable and sustainable. From a report created by hexaresearch.com they take a look at the upcoming CNC Turning Machine’s projected market value through 2025. Below is a summary. You can see the whole report here.

The US market value in 2016 for CNC Turning Machines was estimated at 7.88 billion USD and has been projected to continue to grow more than 4% from 2017-2025. Automation processes are likely to improve and result in lower human errors that may cause downtime or inefficiency. This increase in productivity should affect growth. There has also been an increase in mass-produced items, so that may attribute and fuel the industry’s growth.

The Internet of Things (IoT) will most likely lead to software being developed that allow CNC machines to be more compatible with PCs and smart devices. This change could eliminate the need for multiple positions or supervisors, which decreases the workforce, but gains profits for the company. With greater connectivity, faster and more efficient outcomes should be the result.

To look deeper at a few different segments within CNC Machining, lathes are expected to maintain their position on top of the hierarchy. Due to being able to handle complex operations, the versatility will make for higher demand in the 2025 forecast period. Milling machines should grow at a faster pace with the increase in the use of Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) to help improve accuracy and efficiency.

Overall, the world of CNC machining is approaching a very intriguing time and boom in technology. Today’s machines are becoming smarter, faster, and more efficient by the day, and with so many companies out competing for their market share, I don’t expect the growth or innovations to stop any time soon.

When it comes to Used CNC machines, however, look no further than HGR Industrial Surplus. When those companies upgrade their equipment to new machines, they have to do something with their old machinery. They aren’t going to throw it out, and scrapping it involves too many hands and too much time. So what do they do with it? They sell it to HGR Industrial Surplus and maximize their Return on Investment (ROI). Why would you want old machinery when everything is trendy towards new technology? Cost. Not everyone is a major corporation that can follow the current technology trend at the breakneck speeds it moves at. But their need for new technology is your gain. If the machines fit your applications, you can save thousands by using HGR as your resource for used machinery. You may have an older machine that needs to keep running and you’re having a hard time finding parts. HGR may have that machine. Why not have a salvage machine to pilfer parts from when needed? The uses are endless. So don’t waste time and start shopping for your future now! hgrinc.com


Robots on the Rise at HGR

HGR has robots and robot arms galore. Small robotic arms for intricate details and giant robotic arms with attachments to make good ole’ Ripley jealous. Not an Aliens fan, it’s ok. You don’t have to be to see that HGR can save you money by offering you used machinery as an option.

For decades human arms did the majority of factory work, but now robotic arms are doing some of the same jobs, but at a higher efficiency rate. In a lot of ways, they work like a human arm would and are usually made up of 4-6 joints for movement. The components are designed to mimic the wrist, forearm, elbow, and shoulder. They are able to work at a higher speed and do things that human arms would not be able to with great precision and accuracy.

Robotic arms have a few different applications they are used for. Some arms have welding attachments on them and sit on a production line all day. For safety reasons, robotic arms have been deployed for material removal in areas and with matter that may be toxic to humans. Another application would be in the material handling field.

HGR has many of these robots available here and from different manufacturers like Fanuc, ABB, Hirata, and more.

Here are a few Robots HGR currently have in stock.

Fanuc R-2000iB/210F


Fanuc Robot at HGR
Fanuc Robot R-2000iB/210F at HGR

See the item here –


This is a Fanuc R-2000iB/210F that is available at HGR Industrial Surplus. It is a robot that is floor-mounted and can function under a very high payload. The typical applications it is used for are material handling, welding, dispensing, and removal of materials. This is one of the slimmer models that allow it to be used in tight spaces, but don’t be fooled by the looks. This arm can do its job.

ABB Robot IRB 2400


ABB IRB 2400 Robot at HGR
ABB IRB 2400 Robot at HGR


The ABB IRB 2400 has a wide variety of applications it is used for around the world. Some of those are MIG welding, pick and place, woodworking, and more. It is a 6-Axis industrial robot that was designed specifically for industries that use flexible robot-based automation.

Fanuc S-430iF


Fanuc S-430iF at HGR
Fanuc S-430iF at HGR


Automotive manufacturing was the aim for this model from Fanuc. It does a great job of spot welding as well as material handling operations. This model is also known for its’ flexibility by utilizing the J-2 axis and allowing the robot to reach over its head and behind it. This raises the bar for usage once optimized to your application.

See more in our Robot Category by using the link below. HGR has over 15 thousand items in stock so make sure you browse our website if you don’t find something in our robot category. With 12 acres of industrial surplus, you never can be too sure of what you might find.


Industrial Equipment Monthly October 2019

Industrial Equipment Monthly October 2019

What is Industrial Equipment Monthly?  A closer look at the inventory of HGR, the trends of the machines being sold, and other notable pieces of info that may assist you in using HGR to your fullest benefit. Whether you are a machine dealer, refurb person, or hobbyist, HGR has a little bit of something for everyone.

HGR had 17,113 items in inventory (9-25-19)

As of 10-10-19, there are 16,272 items in stock. These items go fast, so act quickly on something you want, or it may not be here next time you look.

New Items of Interest

In the last week HGR has taken in a few notable items that stand out as one-offs and may provide a great opportunity for someone in need, who didn’t know we had this.

Terminal Tractor/Switch Truck




terminal tractor trucking
Terminal Tractor

A terminal tractor is a semi-tractor used in moving trailers in a warehouse facility or cargo yard. Very similar to how a switcher locomotive would be used to move railcars. Some differences in a tractor built for hauling on the road and a terminal tractor are listed below.

  • It is made for a single operator in an offset cab.
  • Terminal tractors have a shorter shell base and a solid-mounted rear axel.
  • They may typically have an automatic engine and even use of alternate fuel, depending on the make.
  • 360-degree view in the windshield and is used for facilitating five to six moves an hour.

Not all tractors have these options, including this one at HGR, but this can more help you to identify the use of the product and the reasoning behind it.

Mimaki Ultraviolet Printer




Printer for Sale at HGR

Ultraviolet printers use the rays it produces to dry or cure the ink as it is printed. This prevents smearing or other damages caused by ink not being cured before handling. The ultra violet rays dry the ink instantly allowing large prints to be handled right after printing. This can decrease the time a customer is waiting to get the prints in their hands. This model can also print directly to plastics, metal, wood, and glass onto materials up to 28” wide, 20” long and 6” thick.

Bargain Find of the Month – Markdown Section

You know our items don’t last long, so as you read this, someone may be purchasing the item you are reading about. With that said, these are some of the highlighted bargain items you can find at HGR.

Crown Order Picker

$877 Last Chance!



crown picker for sale at HGR
Crown Picker

This used Crown Order Picker has 42” x 4” forks, a 108” mast and was produced in 2005. The vehicle operates on a 24 volt power system and has a capacity of 3,000 pounds. This order picker is designed for narrow aisles.

Closeouts of the Month

Here are some hot items you may have missed. Get them now before it’s too late! Use the link below to look at all of our Last Chance Items and see what deals you are able to come across before they are gone! Once it has cleared Last Chance, there is no recovering the item. Don’t like the price? Use the Make An Offer button and let us know what you think the value is and see if we can agree or meet somewhere in the middle.

Click me to see our Last Chance Closeouts


3 Manufacturing Trends to Pay Attention To

3 Manufacturing Trends to Pay Attention To

When it comes to trends, there are so few to really pay attention to. Everyone is fighting for your attention and money and claiming they have the next big thing. They all promise to take your company or performance to the next level and make you rise above the competition. Most of these trends are marketing ploys to line the pockets of corporations, and have little to no real-world use. Every now and then, however, a few of them just seem to make a lot of sense. Some trends not only have real-world use, but the practicality of them makes it seem like a sure-fire, can’t-miss trend to jump on while it is early. Here are a few trends you might want to keep an eye on if you are in the manufacturing sector. 

  1. Smart Manufacturing – Industry 4.0 has provided an opportunity to manufacturers to use advanced manufacturing capabilities combined with informative technology to optimize the lifecycle of the product. Industry 4.0 is a subset of the fourth industrial revolution that pertains to smart machines or cities. The first revolution was mechanizing through water and steam power, which led to the second revolution of mass assembly using electricity. The third revolution involved adopting computers and automation, but the fourth expounds upon that idea by not only automation, but learning-based systems that optimize themselves to perform at high efficiency. The difficulty lies in finding a way to utilize this to maximize your business and production. 
  2. Augmented Reality – While this concept isn’t new, the ways it is being used are, even though it is still in the infancy stage when it comes to manufacturing. The uses could be for training people on machinery or how to repair them. Some places use them for data management by placing you in a visual world of information to quickly comprehend and grab as needed. Imagine being able to train someone on a machine and not have that machine out of commission or performing slower than normal due to training, or imagine scrolling through data with a flick of the wrist as the field fly by your face. The possibilities are endless. 
  3. Additive Manufacturing – Basically 3D printing. Imagine being able to stock 30% more inventory by carrying 0% of replacement parts for it! Instead you have stored media that will be used to print the replacement part when it is needed. The days of obsolete parts are gone and stocking them for years after, are long gone. While this hasn’t taken over yet, the implications of how this could help local, or large-scale manufacturers are endless. What if a machine goes down and you need a part today to fix it? You will be able to just print it. This is an exciting new trend to embrace and be on the cutting edge of. Smart businesses are early adopters to the tech that makes the most sense for their business. 

In closing, there are many ways for you to increase efficiency and production within your company. Take your time to research them and look forward to where your business is going, not to where it has been.

3 Thoughts Before Selling Your Old Machinery

guy using drill press

3 Thoughts Before Selling Your Machinery

Are you thinking of selling your used machines and equipment? There could have been multiple factors that have made you come to this decision. The bottom line tends to be the same for all scenarios, however. This machinery has to go. So, what are a few thoughts before you take that step and make the call.  

  1. Will you ever need this piece again?  Look to the past toes how often have you used this machine and what was the machines most common use? Do you already have a replacement for it? Nothing could be worse than missing an opportunity because you may have overlooked something the old machine did to high efficiency. If it has been sitting and collecting dust then you are losing value. 
  2. The age and condition. Everything loses its value with time, wear, and tear. You should think about what you still need from this machine. Are you looking to recover a portion of the cost of the machine? Then, sell it earlier with life left and in working order to maintain more value. Is the machine no longer working? There is still some value in it, to someone. You can try to sell it yourself or speak to a company like HGR that buys used machinery. 
  3. The market value. How much in demand is your machine? It may be worth a little research to look at seasonal trends on machinery sales to try and maximize your value by selling it at the high point. The ebb and flow of the market will dictate the timing. Keep in mind, the longer you wait, the more your machinery will depreciate.

So, now that you’ve made up your mind and you want to sell, HGR has a very easy process of doing this. Reach out to our buyer hotline, hgrsh@hgrinc.com, or visit our “Sell Your Surplus” page, click on the blue button,  and provide a few details. One of our reps will reach out to you and set up a visit from one of our buyers to inspect the equipment and make an offer. Then we take it away. It really is that simple. 

5 Thoughts Before Buying Used Equipment

5 Thoughts Before Buying Used Machinery

Buying used machinery can be an excellent way to grow your business and stay within budget. You could be searching for high-end CNC equipment or a consumer grade drill press, and the chances are, you would save money buying used. The first part of buying used is knowing where to look. Obviously, I would recommend HGR Industrial Surplus given the large inventory and variety of equipment. In the end, wherever you choose, there a few things to keep in mind when buying used machinery. 

  1. Reasoning – What are you looking for in a used machine? Do you want to get a great deal on a working machine without any issues that runs for life without a need for maintenance? Flip another quarter in the wishing well, and throw me in one too while you’re at it. The truth is, used machinery doesn’t come with all of those guarantees and often needs some sort of work done to it before it is in optimal working condition. So, if you have the resources or knowledge to do so, buying used may be an option for you. Do you need to see it in working condition before you buy it? Maybe try an auction on our homepage.  
  2. Financing – Not all machinery dealers offer financing and banks may be hesitant to loan money for used machinery. You may have to come out of pocket for the full cost of the machine and the repairs. While this will most likely benefit you in the long run, you have to have the resources available before making that decision. 
  3. Component Usage Wear – It is important to know what you are looking and where to look when buying a used machine. You may use one of these machines daily and know exactly where to look. For the rest of us, we aren’t hopeless. Luckily smart phones have given us the ability to search the make and model and which components wear out or are frequently damaged. While the damage may not be a deal breaker, it may give you leverage on the price when haggling, so make sure to take a quick search while inspecting.  
  4. Know the Value – Every company is out to make money, so don’t be surprised if the prices aren’t rock bottom steals. These companies have to purchase the machines and then have them shipped into a facility to sit and take up floor space waiting to be sold. There is a cost that builds with each machine. With that said, a little research can give you some buying power by knowing what the machine is worth. It is hard to argue prices, if it is at market value. Knowing what the machine is worth will ensure you don’t overpay and get a fair deal. 
  5. Kill the Deal – Keep in mind that when you go to see a machine in person, you may see things you didn’t in the photos, so make sure you can have someone inspect it, if possible. That person, or yourself, should have “Deal Killers” in mind.  Things that you have decided will detour you from this purchase. It may be specific damage you see, overall condition, storage condition, or a complex repair that is needed. The inner voice in your head says it’s a good deal and I can fix this, but will you ever do it? Know when to say when and decide the tipping point to when this machine is no longer a value. 

Interested in used machinery? See our new arrivals here!

Maybe an auction? Take a look at a few auctions HGR is currently marketing. 

8-14-19 Automotive Stamping Facility Auction


By Joseph Powell

5 Reasons to Buy Used Equipment from an Auction

Auctions at HGR
We already know who has the largest industrial surplus showroom in the galaxy, but did you know that HGR Industrial Surplus partners up with Cincinnati Industrial Auctioneers to market auctions? These auctions are great opportunities to get working machinery to help support your current business with little to no downtime. Do you want 5 more reasons to purchase machinery from an auction? Consider this list the next time you are ready to purchase equipment.

1.Industry Specific– The majority of auctions are very specific in what the have to offer. While they offer variety in brands, makes and models, they may also have those specialty items only someone in your industry may need. There may be a lathe, drill press, or mill set up with your business in mind. This is a great opportunity to expand your business and grow at a lower cost.
2. Testing the Machine – Reputable auction companies allow potential buyers to inspect the machinery prior to being auctioned. This machinery is typically in current working environment and under power, allowing buyers to see the working condition of the item. This will be valuable information to have before you place your bid, and it eases the tension on bidding on the item, given that you have seen it in working condition. Since you are getting this piece of equipment directly from the user, it most likely will have some maintenance records with it to give you insight into the machines history.
3. Easy to Bid – Maybe the idea of fighting in a room full of people waving your paddle around, while an auctioneer rattles off numbers at an insane speed seems a bit intimidating. I agree, but most auctions currently allow you to bid online and save yourself from being inside of the scrum. After you see the equipment and inspect it, you can sit at home with a cup of coffee in one hand and your dog curled up at your feet while you bid away effortlessly.
4. Titled Equipment – When you make a large purchase like machinery, getting a title grants you the safety needed to make the purchase without question. This is one of the benefits from purchasing the machinery directly from the user.
5. Financing – Not all auctions offer financing, but those that do understand machinery and the true value of it. A bank may not understand the cost of used machinery or the value and is less likely to provide a loan for it. Auction companies that offer financing will allow you to grow your business without emptying the accounts to do so.

Take a look at a few auctions HGR is currently marketing.

8-7-19 Coil Springs Manufacturer
8-14-19 Automotive Stamping Facility Auction

Do you have any interest in auctioning off your surplus equipment and supplies? Make sure you contact JMiller@hgrinc.com to see if an auction would be something of interest to you or your businees.

courtesy of Joseph Powell

Tony Grenga – Metal and Wood Desk

Tony Grenga metal and Wood Desk HGR
Tony Grenga created a Metal and Wood desk with parts purchased from HGR. Here is his story.

Metal and Wood Desk by Tony Grenga – I work at a family-owned  machine  shop in Youngstown Ohio. My hobby is repairing woodworking and metal-working machines. As a result, I spend the second Saturday of the month at the HGR sale. My son asked me to build a desk with a machine base that raised and lowered. While I was looking one Saturday I saw 2 jack screw actuators so, I purchased them.

Now, I was on my way. With a waste basket full of ideas, a few months later, I finally came up with plan. I would need a gear box to connect the jack screws. I looked the on HGR web site and there it was, a gear box. This was a perfect match.  Starting at bottom there are 3 inch round nylon feet, and a 1/2 inch x 6 inch x 38 inches bent-in brake press. A jack screw actuator connects to gear box with 7 inch hand wheel to raise and lower. There are 4 pieces on each side of 3/4 inch stainless, connecting brass nuts to a piece of 1 inch x 6 inch aluminum.  The top is a piece of 2 inch thick oak measuring  38 inches x 80 inches.  The desk lowered is 29 inches and 49 inches raised.

Are you a customer of HGR and you want to share projects you have made with items bought at HGR, please email the story and photos to Joe for consideration of being shared on our blog and social media. We look forward to seeing what you’ve done!


See what you can create by browsing our massive inventory here.

See some more ideas on how you could build a desk of your own on Pinterest.

CNC Machining Projected to be $100B Industry by 2025

DanielDM CNC Lathe
See full article here – https://www.thomasnet.com/insights/cnc-machining-projected-to-be-100b-industry-by-2025/

In recent years, an increasing number of production facilities have adopted CNC lathes as their tooling of choice. By 2025, experts expect the global CNC machine market to grow to $100.9 billion in value, registering an annual growth rate of 6.8%.

Leading the Market
The lathe machines segment of the market held a significant leading share of more than 27% in 2016. Due to features such as reduced time requirements and multifunctionality, industry analysts predict the milling machines segment to see a compound annual growth rate of an estimated 9.5%.

Through 2025, this segment will likely continue to dominate this area of the market, reaching an expected valuation of $25.17 billion.

CNC Market Drivers
One of the most common prototype production methods, CNC machines operate automated tools using computer-programming inputs. CNC machinery manufacturing is experiencing a rapid rise in growth due to the need to:

Reduce operating costs
Use manpower more efficiently
Avoid errors in manufacturing
CNC machines offer manufacturers a number of advantages. The growing use of practices like computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-aided design (CAD) in product design and prototyping enhances manufacturers’ ability to deliver high-precision components on time. This drives growth in CNC machinery adoption and use because successfully implementing CNC equipment reduces operating costs and improves the efficiency of mass production.

Because CNC machines allow for an incredible degree of accuracy when carving complex shapes such as diagonal cuts and curves, demand has exploded with the rise in technological advancements of CAD, CAM, and other CNC software.

By saving end users significant time between design and production, CNC machining improves a facility’s capabilities and increases revenue. CNC machinery also provides more precise detailing than 3D printers and works with a wider range of materials.

This improved production capacity, as well as the enhanced quality and precision CNC tooling brings, make it a solid choice for manufacturers across a wide range of industries.

Projected Market Growth
The future looks bright for CNC lathe manufacturing. Automobile, electronics, defense/intelligence, aerospace, healthcare, and industrial manufacturers all benefit from the use of CNC lathes.

Although high maintenance costs and the cost of post-sale services for CNC machines may somewhat affect adoption, reduced production costs and more areas in which you can use CNC machining will create significant growth opportunities. The Asia–Pacific region especially will see increased use of CNC machinery as regional economies continue to grow.

CNC lathes vastly decrease time requirements in an increasingly fast-paced production environment. With their growing number of uses in modern production facilities, factories everywhere will continue to adopt CNC machinery for their high precision and reduced labor costs.

Image Credit: DanieleDM / Shutterstock.com
Blog written by a Staff Writer for Thomas.net

Get to Know HGR’s Randall Miller

Randall Miller

What is your job title?  

Showroom operator

What do you do/what are your job responsibilities on a day-to-day basis?

Pull, stage, and load customers’ orders. Clear out new arrivals to the correct aisle. Maintain a safe and clean showroom.

What qualifications are needed to succeed in your role?

Great listening skills and patience

What background or prior work experiences that you bring to the table that help you do your job?

Two years of restoration and construction, two years bartending/bar management, three years working at U-Haul as a customer service rep.

How long have you been with HGR, and why?

Three years in May because I learn something new every day.

What amazing things are you doing in your personal life?

Currently teaching myself to speak French and Croation.

What can you tell us about your family?  

My dad spent 22 years in the Navy and retired with the rank of master chief; mom is an assistant manager at CVS; and my sister who is three years older than I am is my best friend. She just recently moved to Florida for a job in criminal investigation.

What is the most important thing in the world to you/what matters most?

Family, friends and having fun are the most important things to me. You only get one life; so, enjoy it with people who bring a smile to you.

Get to Know HGR’s Andrew Pringle

Andrew Pringle and family

What is your job title?

eBay account manager/sales rep

What do you do/what are your job responsibilities on a day-to-day basis?

I provide the proper information to our potential customers to try and facilitate a sale of the equipment we have here at HGR. Responding promptly to e-mails, incoming calls, and foot traffic allows me to be successful at HGR.

What qualifications are needed to succeed in your role?

Time management, customer service, ability to close the sale

What background or prior work experiences do you bring to the table that helps you do your job?

I’ve been in sales for the last five years. I worked in the moving industry doing in-home estimates; I’ve worked in life insurance sales (TALK ABOUT A HARD CLOSE); and I have learned to LISTEN to customer needs so that I can appropriately address their requests/concerns.

How long have you been with HGR, and why?

I’ve been at HGR for two years. HGR has taken care of me and been accommodating to my family needs.

What amazing things are you doing in your personal life?

As a father of four, that consumes most of my spare time. That being said, I play tournament-level softball and dabble on the piano in the limited spare time I do have.

What can you tell us about your family?

I raise my two daughters Emeri (7) and Brooklyn (5), and I have a beautiful fiancé named Grace who is a big help. She has two children of her own, Lilah (6) and Lincoln (3). Our house is the epitome of busyness and healthy chaos.

What is the most important thing in the world to you/what matters most?

Making sure the children in my home have a better upbringing than I did is my “WHY.”

Get to know HGR’s Eric Sims

HGR Industrial Surplus' Eric Sims

What is your job title?

Second-shift receiving supervisor

What do you do/what are your job responsibilities on a day-to-day basis?

I unload trucks that arrive after first-shift leaves and set up the product for first-shift clerks to photograph and inventory.

What qualifications are needed to succeed in your role?

I have 11 years of experience in doing my job before I made supervisor and a lot of patience.

What background or prior work experiences that you bring to the table that help you do your job?

I have five years of experience doing body work and eight years of experience working on cars and installing performance parts before I came to HGR.

How long have you been with HGR, and why?

I have been with HGR for 11 years now because it’s a good company to work for and I can’t let down my late uncle-in-law, Ken Walker, who gave me this fun job.

What amazing things are you doing in your personal life?

My son and I are restoring a 1984 Ford Mustang; that’s my dream car and one of his favorites. My son wants to get mine done so we restore one for him, too, for his 16th birthday.

What can you tell us about your family?

I have two kids. My son is 11, and my daughter is 12. My wife and I have been together for 15 years now.

What is the most important thing in the world to you/what matter most?

The most important thing to me is simple: family.

Get to Know HGR’s Kyle Strader

HGR Industrial Surplus' Kyle Strader

What is your job title?

Inbound logistics agent

What do you do/what are your job responsibilities on a day-to-day basis?

Deonte Matthews and I schedule all inbound freight to be inventoried here in Euclid, whether it be consignment or purchased.

What qualifications are needed to succeed in your role?

Attention to detail is very important because we need to confirm dimensions, times, addresses, weights, names, trailer types, carriers, rates, etc. Confidence is also important, because most of our day is spent negotiating. Patience and the ability to adapt to change, because a pickup can go very poorly very quickly. And of course integrity, accountability, and communication. Without those three things, you may as well stay home.

What background or prior work experiences do you bring to the table that help you do your job?

I worked at UPS for 10 years in various roles; so, that experience has certainly helped me make the transition into Logistics at HGR.

How long have you been with HGR, and why?

I started in July 2017. Honestly, at first, I took the job just to have a job, instead of the first one I’d gotten after moving from UPS in Louisville, Kentucky, was as a chemical incineration plant operator, and it was awful and dangerous. But then I fell in love with HGR and all the people here and what we do, and the feeling feels mutual (at least in my head); so, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

What amazing things are you doing in your personal life?

I have written two fantasy novels titled Glimpsing Infinity and Touching Infinity (set in Cleveland, actually, so read them!) and I am currently editing the third in the series, which is titled Embracing Infinity. And I’ve also converted the first into a screenplay, which I am shopping around.

What can you tell us about your family?

My wife, Johanna, and I have been married for seven years, and we have two amazing boys, ages 3 (Atlas) and 5 (Odin).

What is the most important thing in the world to you/what matters most?

The happiness of those around me.

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