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Drum Pump


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Graco Drum Pump  0421-057-0053

Additional Information:

Product Overview:
The Check-Mate 2100 pump is designed to transfer high viscosity fluids from 55 gal. (200 litre) drums in high volumes to one or more locations. The internal design moves fluid from the inlet to the outlet port with the lowest pressure drop available. The metal wear parts are treated with the finest wear-resistant coatings to achieve the Graco Severe Duty™ mark of excellence for long life. Three power ratios (12:1, 24:1 and 39:1) provide different levels of pressure up to 3900 psi (269 bar) and flow rates up to 7.5 gpm (28.5 l/min.) to increase production capability and capacity. The unique, patented Premier air motor minimizes performance fall-off or stoppage due to ice build-up. The built-in air pump moves warm air across the four-way valve to reduce ice build-up. The reliable and durable four-way slide valve provides continuous operation even when working with dirty, non-lubricated air. The King and Bulldog air motors are also utilized with the Check-Mate 2100 pump lower to provide a full line of high performance pumps for your application.

Product Features:
• 7.5 gpm (28.5 lpm) flow rate of 60 cycles per minute.
• 55 gal. (200 litres) Ram Systems available in Bulldog 12:1, King 24:1 and Premier 39:1 fluid power ratios.
• High flow rates and high fluid pressures increase production rates.
• High output per cycle reduces wear for longer life and lower repair costs.
• Exclusive air valve design decreases changeover time and minimizes icing.
• Floating piston seal and priming plate improve pump loading of high viscosity materials.

Typical Fluids Handled:
• Acrylics
• Adhesives
• Butyl
• Caulking compounds
• Epoxy
• Inks
• Lubricants
• PVC sealers
• Sealants
• Silicones
• Urethanes

Typical Applications:
• Transferring sealants or adhesives to multiple operator dispensing stations
• Transferring viscous chemicals in the formulation of high viscosity materials
• Feeding high volume applicators or multiple meters or proportioners
• Packaging drums, pails, caulking tubes or chubs

Check-Mate Pump Lowers:
Check-Mate 2100 Lower Displacement Pumps are pressure balanced designed and have reduced internal pressure drop to provide the same fluid output on both the up and the down stroke. Improved pump efficiency produces greater pressure for pumping high viscosity fluids or supplying long fluid pipe runs or lines.
• Severe Duty™ rod and cylinder for long life and durability
• Large internal porting balances fluid pressures
• Simplified pump lower minimizes repair costs

Manufacturer: Graco
Model Name: Drum Pump
Model Number: KING 222-835
Inventory Number: 0421-057-0053

Maximum air inlet pressure: 100 psi (7 bar)
Air inlet: 3/4 npsm(f)
Fluid outlet: 1-1/2 npt(m)
Packings - Throat and intake: UHMWPE and Teflon®
Piston: UHMWPE
Wetted parts - CS lower: CS, Zinc, Nickel, SST, Iron, Delrin®, Teflon, UHMWPE
Maximum flow at 60 cpm: 7.5 gpm (28.4 l/min.)
Air motor piston diameter: 12.64 in. (321mm)
Capacity: 22 in.
Weight (lb): 60 lbs.
Bay: 2900
Aisle: 03A

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