Meet a local manufacturer of dental crowns, impants and dentures

Moskey Dental Laboratories


Rob Lash , president, Moskey Dental Laboratories(Q&A with Robert Lash, president, Moskey Dental Laboratories)

What is dental restoration?

A dental restoration replaces a tooth or teeth in a patient’s mouth. The dentist makes either an analog or digital impression and sends it to Moskey Dental Laboratories with a prescription for the type of restoration he/she wants.

What is your background? I see that you completed your undergraduate studies at Emory University and law school at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. How did you end up in dental restoration?

Despite my education, my family’s business was our dental lab since my grandfather started it in 1924. When my father’s partners left the business I joined to help him continue.

When, why and who started the business?

The name of my grandfather’s lab was Mutual Dental Lab. Over the years he, my father and uncle acquired other labs and merged with Moskey in the mid-60s. The name was changed to Moskey Mutual, and I dropped Mutual because too many people thought we were an insurance company.

Why did you select your current location?

Our first location was in Midtown at 71st and Euclid, and we were downtown after that until we had to move because we were located on the site of what is now Progressive Field and Quicken Loans Arena. We like Midtown due to the ease of access to the highways and public transportation.

Do patients come directly to you, or do the dentists place an order?

Patients will come to our lab for tough tooth shades and for quick repairs of removable restorations, but only at the direction of their dentist.

What is your favorite part of your job or most interesting moment? 

I know it sounds corny, but giving people their teeth back is very satisfying and important for the patient’s general health. Unfortunately, we don’t often see the results of our work in patients’ mouths, but we appreciate when dentists send us pictures of a happy patient.

What is the greatest challenge in your industry?

Finding trained dental technicians. Last century there were many Eastern European immigrants in Northeast Ohio who were well-trained, and there were many dental technology programs available. Now, as far as I know, there are no such programs in Ohio.

How have things changed in your career, and what does the future of dental laboratories look like?

The future is here, and it’s digital — from the dentist’s office to our lab where we can design almost any restoration with a CAD program, and then manufacture that restoration by an additive (3D printing, laser sintering) process, or subtractive (milling).

digital milling of dentures at Moskey Dental Laboratories
digital milling of dentures at Moskey Dental Laboratories
digital milling of dentures at Moskey Dental Laboratories
digitally milled dentures

Why is restoration so expensive?

What we charge the dentist is not what the dentist charges the patient. With crowns and implants, there is often precious metal involved and expensive implant parts that are highly machined for optimum results. We have no control over the final cost, but I’d say the four years (plus for specialists) of post-graduate education, the yearly continuing education, and the many expenses of running a dental office certainly have a lot do with what the patient may consider an expensive restoration!

How did you know Christopher Palda, the HGR Industrial Surplus customer who put us in touch with you?

He does work for Stone Oven Bakery, which rents space in my building.

Has Christopher repaired or built items for you?

Yes, he’s repaired or attempted to repair numerous pieces of equipment for us.

What do you do when you are not running Moskey? 

Enjoying time with my wife, visiting my three kids who all live out of town, playing guitar in bands, road bicycle riding, sleep!

What inspires you?

The awesome beauty and power of nature.

What is the best advice that you would give to others?

Do something that brings you joy, whether that’s inside or outside of your career.

Cleveland Job Corps needs help starting a manufacturing technologies training program that will feed area manufacturers with a skilled workforce

HGR lathe

The WorkRoom Program Alliance, part of the Dan T. Moore Company, is partnering with Cleveland Job Corps, Coit Road, Cleveland, Ohio, to create a manufacturing center at the Job Corps facility in order to offer manufacturing technologies training. This is about workforce development and creating a skilled workforce, folks! Something that every manufacturer I know worries about: filling those vacancies with skilled labor.

Here is their needs list so that they can align with federal standards. As you can see from the list of equipment, this is a seriously valuable program for local manufacturing.

Can you or anyone you know help? HGR is checking its showroom to see what we have that would be suitable, but I’m sure other organizations in the area might be able to make an equipment or financial donation to get this program off the ground. Contact Gina at HGR if you can help:

1Drill Press
1Drill, Electric, Portable DWT
2Gauge, Height RUT
1Grinder, Bench, Electric
4Grinder, Die, Pneumatic
3Grinder, Die, Pneumatic
1Grinder, Metal, Floor, Electric BAL
1Grinder, Metal, Floor, Electric FALCON
1Grinder, Metal, Universal SHOP FOX
1Grinder, Portable, Electric DELTA
3Grinder, Portable, Electric DUM
1Grinder, Surface CHEV
1Lathe, Computer Programmable
1Lathe, Metal, Engine, Permanent
2Lathe, Metal, Engine, Sliding Gap KIN
1Lathe, Metal, Engine, Solid Bed ACR
1Lathe, Metal, Engline, Permanent ACE
2Lathe, Metal, Engline, Permanent JET
1Machine, Bending CHI
1Machine, Forming PEX
1Milling Machine, Computer Programmable EMC
1Milling Machine, Computer Programmable INT
1Milling Machine, Computer Programmable TEC
1Milling Machine, Computer Programmable TEC
1Milling Machine, Metal, Vertical ACE (1)
1Milling Machine, Metal, Vertical ACE (2)
1Milling Machine, Metal, Vertical ACR (1)
1Milling Machine, Metal, Vertical ACR (2)
1Milling Machine, Metal, Vertical DAY
1Milling Machine, Metal, Vertical FALCON
3Plate, Surface, Stone
1Router PTR CBL
2Sander, Portable, Orbital SKIL
1Saw, Circular, Portable, Electric DWT
1Saw, Metal Cutting, Band WIL
1Saw, Metal Cutting, Circular MIL
1Saw, Reciprocating PTR
1Sharpener, Drill Bits OTMT
1Vacuum, Wet/Dry
1Combination TV/VCR/DVD
1SMART Board technology
13D Printer
15Scientific calculators, such as TI-30xa
12Student Desks
12Student Chairs
2Student Computer Work Station
1Instructor Desk
1Instructor Chair
QuantityHand Tools
 QA and Measuring Tools
10Set of 1″ Mics, 6″ dial calipers and 6″ scale
16″ digital calipers
10Metric scales
1Gage blocks, 81 pc. Set, grade B
2Surface plate, 18 x 24, lowest grade
1Surface plate, 24 x 36″ with stand
2Height gages, vernier
2Height gages, 12″ dial
3Angle plate
1Plug gage set from .011 to .500″
5Holder for plug gages, to make go/no-go gages
2Machinist square
6Combination square
10Tape measures
5Drop indicators with magnetic stand and 22 pc set of points
3Vee blocks, set of 2
3Test indicator set
3Radius gages, set covers 1/32 to 1/2
1Set of 5 micrometers covering range of 1″ to 6″
2Thread gages for 1/4-20 UNC-2B, for NIMS benchwork project
1Optical Comparator, 14″, new, with Fagor Digital Readout and cabinet, Suburban Tool
1Stage center for Optical comparator, MV14-CTR
1Estimated equipment shipping costs
 Metalworking Tools
5Hammer, ballpeen, 8 oz
1Parallels for milling vise set
1Milling vise, TTC, swivel base, 6″ wide jaws, opens 5-1/2″, wt. 100#
1Vise, angle, for drill press
10Allen wrenches, set
5Oil cans, small
12Files, mill
12Files, rattail
12Files: bastard
20File handles
1Tap and die sets, including wrenches
2Hammer, ballpen, 16 oz
5Power hand grinders, (Makita)
1Drills, complete 1 to 60, A to Z, 1/64 to 1/2″, set
5Reamers, for specific projects
5Dead blow hammer
3Bench vises
8C-clamps, assorted sizes, 2 of each
10Eye loupes
1Tapping head for drill press w/ collets
5Prick punch
1Soft jaws for vise
1Drill chuck for milling machine, for NIMS
2Magnetic base for indicator
1Millermatic 210 MIG welder
1Miller Synchrowave 180, TIG welder
1MSC 3-in-1 metalforming machine
QuantityPersonal Protective Equipment
1SDS “Right to Know Station” and HMIS labels
1Red can for rags
2Fire extinguishers, recharble for student practice
1Eye wash station
1First aid kit
1Lock out/tag out kit with forms and 10 booklets
1Spill clean up kit and additional “snakes” and oil-dry
1Hand washing facilities
QuantityConsumable items
1First aid supplies
1Red and green labels, for good and bad parts
3Layout dyes
1Dye remover
20Hacksaw blades
3Replacement files: bastard, mill, rattail
5Handles for files
1Replacement files: bastard, mill, rattail
5Deburring tools, countersinks
1Metal for projects, should be donated but if have to purchase
26″ buffing/polishing wheels, for pedestal grinder
50Discs for hand power grinder/sander, abrasive
20Discs for hand power grinder/sander, polishing
10Cutoff wheels for hand power grinder
1Sandpaper, sheets: series of rough to fine
20Scotch-brite pads, medium and fine
1Oil, lubricating
3Cutting fluid (tap magic)
1Surface plate cleaner
2Stones for surface plate
1Sharpening or replacing reamers
3Recharging fire extinguishers
1Curriculum, workbooks, and certification testing
QuantityOther Items
1Annual Contracted Machine Maintenance, Service & Repair

HGR drill press