What is a Boring Machine?

what is a boring machineContrary to their name, boring machines have a significant impact on precision in manufacturing. 

Drilling is one of many common applications in manufacturing. 

Holes are drilled into wood, steel, aluminum, and other materials using boring machines. These machines have been around for over two hundred years, helping manufacturers create clean holes with accurate diameters. 

HGR currently has boring machines in stock for you to shop from. Learn more about the benefits of boring machines and how to purchase a boring machine from HGR below! 

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What is an Industrial Lathe?

Lathes are ancient tools with recent automated upgrades used in nearly every industry.

Purchasing a lathe means setting up your production line for success. If you need to cut, sand, or drill materials such as wood and metal, then a lathe is the right tool for your facility. 

These simple yet effective machines can be used in a wide range of industries, including automotive, plastics, furniture, and more. 

Learn about lathes and how to find one for your warehouse at HGR below! 

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Finishing Equipment June 2021 Highlights

Finishing Equipment at HGR

Working for a company or business that makes and sells metal products, means you
may highly benefit from a piece of Finishing Equipment. Finishing Machines are used to surface
finish the exterior of a metal product. If your metal product needs to be brightened, cleaned,
deburred, or descaled, then HGR Industrial Surplus can surely help with that. Here on HGR’s
website, there are more than 60 different Finishing Machines to choose from.

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Fabrication Equipment at HGR Industrial Surplus

Fabrication Equipment at HGR Industrial Surplus

           If you work in a business that requires machinery or need products made in bulk, then a piece of Fabrication Equipment would be a great machine to own. Fabrication Equipment is a complex piece of equipment manufactured from many individual components put into one. So, instead of buying tons of different devices, you can buy a piece of equipment that has it all in one. In this blog, you will find the most popular and affordable Fabrication Equipment that HGR Industrial Surplus has to offer. https://hgrinc.com/surplus/fabrication/ Continue reading Fabrication Equipment at HGR Industrial Surplus

Dust Collection Equipment at HGR Industrial Surplus

Dust Collection Equipment

If you work in any type of building, then you most definitely know about dust that sits in the air. Due to more airborne illnesses as well, it is especially important to own an Air Purifier or Dust Collector. If you work in a building with many other people, they may suffer from seasonal allergies or even allergies from dust and dander. Owning and keeping up with a Dust Collector is one of the most important machines for your business, especially with seasons changing and COVID-19. Luckily for you, HGR Industrial Surplus owns a couple of hundred different types of Dust Collection Equipment to suit all of your company’s needs. Continue reading Dust Collection Equipment at HGR Industrial Surplus

CNC Machines Featured at HGR

If you are in need of a machine that is extremely efficient, pin-point precise,  and advanced, then a CNC Machine would be a perfect purchase for you. A CNC Machine is any type of machinery that manufactures parts and is controlled by a computer. There are many different types, including lathes, drills, jet cutters, and mills. If any of this sparks your interest, you can find used CNC Machines at HGR Industrial Surplus, located in this link https://hgrinc.com/surplus/cnc/. Otherwise, this blog will be describing and giving examples of specific CNC Machines that HGR has to offer. Continue reading CNC Machines Featured at HGR

Used Chemical Processing Equipment Meets Needs and Costs


If you work for any type of industry, then you most likely know what different chemical processing equipment is. There are hundreds of different types of these machines, and they are essential for everyday business. Most chemical processing equipment is typically used by industrial manufacturers and can help your business sell products quicker and more efficiently. In this blog, we look at some used chemical processing equipment that HGR Industrial Surplus sells, and about the equipment as well. Continue reading Used Chemical Processing Equipment Meets Needs and Costs

Interactive Touch Screen Displays at HGR

As technology grows and increases, the need for new and advanced technology increases as well. If you own any type of business, you are always on the lookout for the newest products. A product hot on the market right now are touch panels. An Australian company called Commbox has many different styles of these panels that are perfect for all different needs. These touch screens not only help a select few businesses but can be of advantage to anyone. This product with the newest technology is ensured to be of use to you.   Continue reading Interactive Touch Screen Displays at HGR

Welding Equipment for Sale at HGR

Welding at HGR Industrial Surplus

Welding Equipment for Sale At HGR is a great way to save thousands, but welding has an important history as well. One of the most important processes in the world is Welding. If you take a look at some of the things you own in your household, many of them have been welded. There is a whole world to Welding. It may seem like an easy process since metal is just joined together through heat, but it can be complicated. There are different types of Welding as well as different ways to do it. There are also so many types of Welding Equipment to choose from. Not only can you buy Welding machines, but you can also become a Welder – and start doing it as a job. Whether you would like to buy equipment or you are just curious, this blog will be sure to help all of your Welding needs.  Continue reading Welding Equipment for Sale at HGR

Press Brakes at HGR

If you work with or have anything to do with machines, you can understand how important the machine industry is. Industrial Machinery is incredibly important for every aspect of America, and all across the world as well. Whether you are looking for brand new machines or used machinery, this blog will highlight what some important machines are and how you can purchase them. 

Industrial machines can be used for many purposes, and there are also thousands of machines to choose from. Hydraulic Presses are a very popular and useful option. The machine is used to bend and fold metal by pressing it into a die. Next to these machines, CNC Press Brakes are very important machines. They are used to bend sheet metal. These two types of machines have many variations, and you can purchase them brand new or used. If you are looking for a place to purchase these machines after you are done reading this, there is something called a Machinery Dealer to help out with that. A Machinery Dealer is a business enterprise or corporation that engages in the retail sale of machinery equipment. Lucky for you, one of these Machinery Dealers is called HGR – which is an industrial surplus that can help with all of your machinery needs. 

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Used Pick and Place Robots at HGR

Almost everyone on the planet is fascinated by robots. They are so fascinating because of the unknown. What if I told you that you could buy an affordable robot for your business? Technology has been advancing at crazy speeds, so it is extremely smart for machinery businesses to have top-of-the-line products to meet their customers needs. In this blog, you will learn everything you need to know about Pick and Place Robots – they could help your business tremendously. Continue reading Used Pick and Place Robots at HGR

Industrial Plastic Equipment at HGR

Used Industrial Plastic Equipment at HGR Industrial Surplus will help save money while expanding your business. Many machinery businesses produce large amounts of plastic. You can make practically anything out of plastic, so having a machine that can produce products quicker and easier is quite ideal. There are many machines and equipment that you can purchase that will help with all of your plastic-making needs, and this blog will give those examples of Industrial Plastic Equipment at HGR Industrial Surplus. Continue reading Industrial Plastic Equipment at HGR

Featured Product – Drill Press


Our featured product is the multi purpose drill press. If you have ever worked with wood or metal, then you know what a Drill Press is, and why it is so important for manufacturing businesses. A Drill Press is a stationary power tool that is designed to bore precise holes into metal or wood. Owning a Drill Press has so many benefits – it can help with different projects! They are very large machines, but they come in handy to any craftsman.  Continue reading Featured Product – Drill Press

Cincinnati Inc Machinery at HGR

Cincinnati Incorporated 

If you ever find yourself looking for a company that values customer relationships and high-quality machines, then take a look at https://www.e-ci.com. Cincinnati is known for delivering high quality machine tools to their highly valued customers. Cincinnati makes sure they have the newest technology and the most innovative products to keep their customers happy.  

Cincinnati first started out as The Cincinnati Shaper Company in the late 1890’s. After working on early machines, they started to manufacture metal fabrication equipment in the early 1920’s. To present day, Cincinnati’s main focus is the same that it was in 1890 – to deliver the best equipment to valued customers. They have shipped more than 50,000 machines in over 100 years. In Cincinnati, Ohio, they have a 500,000-square-foot-plant that is used to build and create high quality machine tools. Cincinnati’s machines are known for their endurance and are commonly used around the country.  Continue reading Cincinnati Inc Machinery at HGR

Machinery Manufacturer Highlight – Okuma

Machinery Manufacturer Highlight – Okuma. Whether you enjoy buying big or small, it is always smart to invest your money into businesses that offer exceptional customer service. Not only does it help your company, but it also helps support the business that you are purchasing from in many ways. If you are looking for a machine company that has been working hard for customers for many centuries, then you may want to look into Okuma. read more about machinery manufacturer in this month’s highlight of Okuma.

Okuma started out as a small noodle making company in Japan. The founder, Eiichi Okuma, was trying to make Udon more effectively. Udon is a type of thick noodle used in Japanese cuisine. While figuring out his machine, he decided to use a Lathe to make “sticks”, which helped cut the noodles. After he discovered how to make this, that was the beginning of his very successful and long journey of founding Okuma. Continue reading Machinery Manufacturer Highlight – Okuma

Used Machinery Auctions on the Horizon

auction button

HGR is involved in partnering with auctioneers to bring you used machinery auctions from all industries. These companies could have a wide variety of machines and surplus supplies up for auction. That is why it is valuable to look into all of the auctions HGR has listed on their HGR Auction Page. You can also find a few of the last auctions that closed most recently. This helps you gauge your future interests auctions. This could be for whether you are shopping for machinery, or looking to auction some of your assets. Continue reading Used Machinery Auctions on the Horizon

Used Centrifugal Feeder

A centrifugal feeder is used in the manufacturing process to achieve high efficiency in industries with labeling, automation, printing, and more. The centrifugal feeder takes bulk items feed into it and separates them and delivers them with a rotating disc to the next part of the process. These machines help lower the damage from part to part contact leading to imperfections. HGR has centrifugal feeders like this available at this link. We also want to highlight two great opportunities to own high quality used centrifugal feeders for less. Continue reading Used Centrifugal Feeder

Markdowns on Used Machinery

Markdowns at HGRMarkdowns on used machinery are words that brighten the day of many that shop at HGR. One of the most beneficial categories at HGR is the Markdown category. It is here that you will find great deals on used equipment of all kinds. HGR just doesn’t markdown the stuff nobody wants. HGR marks down everything! It is typically ran on a time schedule based off of the inventory date of the item. The longer the item sits at HGR, the more the markdown is increased until it reached the Last Chance Closeouts category. Here is when the item hits the rock bottom pricing and is priced to sell, with a little room to negotiate, on some items. What is in the Markdown category that makes it such a worthwhile browse? Read on to find out markdowns on used machinery. Continue reading Markdowns on Used Machinery

Finishing Equipment in High Demand

keywords trendsDoing some research on popular search terms in the manufacturing or industrial industry, I found that finishing equipment is at its highest search volume in years. According to Keywords Trend Data, it is matching the two high points set back in mid-2017 and early 2015. This means the high demand for used finishing equipment is as great as it ever was. Luckily, HGR is your number one source for used machinery and has a finishing equipment category. Here you will find all of the items you will need to help your business maintain productivity without stoppage. Understanding the reasoning behind the demand in finishing equipment can not only help HGR be aggressive in obtaining the items you need, but also allow you to go after items for resale or refurbishment more confidently. Continue reading Finishing Equipment in High Demand

Used Cincinnati Equipment

Cincinnati shears are some of the best performing in their industry. Since the late 1890’s when first formed as Cincinnati Shaper Company, they have been providing quality equipment and raising the industry standard. HGR Industrial Surplus is proud to stock used Cincinnati shears and other products providing you great machinery at lower prices. Currently HGR has more than 50 Cincinnati products including grinders, press brakes, lathes, and more. You can view all HGR has to offer from Cincinnati here. Below we will look at some these items closer.  Continue reading Used Cincinnati Equipment

Used Mori Seiki Machinery at HGR

Mori Seiki MachineryMori Seiki manufactures and sells machine tools and machinery. It is based out of Makamura-ku, Nagoya, Japan. The company was formed in 1948 and has grown into one of the largest machine tool builders. In 2009 Mori Seiki partnered Sith Deckel-Maho-Glidemeister and have recently reported that they look to buy out their German partner. What are some of the things HGR stocks from Mori Seiki? Use this link to take you to our manufacturer search option.  Continue reading Used Mori Seiki Machinery at HGR

Komatsu Brand Machinery at HGR Industrial Surplus

Komatsu PressKomatsu America manufactures a wide variety of machinery, mining equipment, forestry equipment, forklifts and more. HGR Industrial Surplus has a few different Komatsu Items in stock currently if you are interested in this brand. You will find a Komatsu Press or a forklift in used condition at HGR.  There will most likely won’t be any mining or forestry equipment. Komatsu’s website may be the best source for those items.  Otherwise, we want to look at the history of the Komatsu brand in case you may not be familiar with them.  Continue reading Komatsu Brand Machinery at HGR Industrial Surplus

Used Motors Keep You Running at HGR

used motors at HGR Industrial Surplus

Used motors for all of your industrial needs can be found within the 12 acres of HGR Industrial Surplus in Euclid, Ohio. This is one of the more robust categories at HGR featuring over 1,300 items on any given day. The category is split into two sub categories to help break down the search results. We will take a look at each of the sub categories in the paragraphs below. The sub categories are motors and gears drives.  Continue reading Used Motors Keep You Running at HGR

Used Welders for Sale at HGR Industrial Surplus

used welders for sale

Used welders for sale by brands like Lincoln and Miller are at HGR Industrial Surplus and more are arriving daily. Arc welders, spot welders, and more fill the 12 acres of industrial surplus in Euclid, Ohio. If you haven’t been to the warehouse or can’t make it in, the HGR homepage is you number one source for used machinery and industrial surplus supplies.  Used welders for sale aren’t the reason to browse our welding category. Welding curtains, current controls, and wire are also available at lower costs than buying a new welder or welding supplies. Be sure to see what all we have. Here is a little more about the types of welders in our sub categories.  Continue reading Used Welders for Sale at HGR Industrial Surplus

Fabrication Equipment in Essential Times


Fabrication equipment has been one of the bright areas during the pandemic. With machine shops being deemed essential in Ohio, some business are working like nothing ever happened. Besides social distancing and wearing masks, the days go on how they used to. Production is up for many places and fabrication equipment is getting more traffic for many dealers and this includes used fabrication like HGR sells. Formers, press brakes, shears and more await you in HGR’s Fabrication category. Let’s talk more about the items you will find here.  Continue reading Fabrication Equipment in Essential Times

Used Industrial Equipment at HGR

HGR Industrial Surplus

Used industrial equipment doesn’t always jump to mind when you are looking to expand your company or repair essential equipment that goes down. It may be one of the best options though. Often times used industrial machinery can be bought at a savings, making it worthwhile to salvage parts from. You have to have extra room to store these machines, so there are a few drawbacks. Maybe you need to expand your business and want to find a machine fitted for the jobs you need to get done. HGR can help with all of this and more including surplus supplies. When we say we buy and sell everything, we mean it. Make sure you check out aisle 1, and you’ll see what I mean.  Continue reading Used Industrial Equipment at HGR

Used Lathe – 3 Reasons to Buy One

cincinnati lathe for sale at HGR Industrial SurplusLet’s face it. The cost of doing business isn’t cheap. Every chance you get to save a few dollars is worth investigating. There are probably more than 3 reasons to buy a used lathe, but let’s keep it simple. One of HGR’s most popular items are used lathes. When it comes time to upgrade, replace, or expand, it would benefit you to search through HGR Industrial Surplus’ website to see what used lathes are available. If saving money isn’t a big enough driving force, how about 3 reason to buy a used lathe. Continue reading Used Lathe – 3 Reasons to Buy One

Used Material Handling Equipment Needs are on the Rise

used material handling equipmentIn today’s current situation, used material handling needs are on the rise due to consumer demands in deliverable products. Warehouses, in some cases, are around the clock. They are constantly moving products in and out of their facility to keep up with the demand. Used material handling equipment can help meet the rising demands while costing less than new material handling equipment like forklifts, pallet jacks, conveyors, wire decking, racking and more. HGR has a large category full of these items that you can see here. Continue reading Used Material Handling Equipment Needs are on the Rise

Used Fabrication Equipment Like Roll Formers and Coil reels At HGR Industrial Surplus

Drilling machineFabrication equipment can be expensive and when a machine goes down, your production can come to a halt. Buying a new shear or press brake can really tax your budget, so buying used machinery may be a great option for your fabrication business or machine shop. While band saws, shears, and press brakes may crowd the fabrication equipment category, there are plenty of other items to be found. There are also hundreds of items coming in daily so you never know what you may stumble across when browsing HGR Industrial Surplus.  Continue reading Used Fabrication Equipment Like Roll Formers and Coil reels At HGR Industrial Surplus

Used Lathes, CNC and Gap Bed Lathes at HGR Industrials Surplus

HGR has been buying and selling used machinery for more than 20 years. Lathes have been one of the most popular items that have come and gone through the 12-acre showroom. Whether you are looking for a Hardinge, Monarch, or a Mori Seiki, there is a good chance that HGR has one. There are quite a variety of lathes as well and you can bet, they have been bought and sold here. CNC lathes are the most popular but you will see plenty gap bed lathes and spindle lathes. If you have never browsed through our selection, then do so here. Let’s look more at what type of machinery is available. We will look specifically at gap bed lathes and CNC lathes. Continue reading Used Lathes, CNC and Gap Bed Lathes at HGR Industrials Surplus

Atlas Copco Products Available at HGR Industrial Surplus

Atlas Copco History

Atlas Copco manufactures a variety of equipment and HGR Industrial Surplus comes across this brand quite often. Here are some of the industrial tools and equipment currently available and they include; air compressors, nutrunners, servo drives, air dryers, and many more. Check out what is now available from Atlas Copco here. If you aren’t familiar with the brand, we decided to take at look at their history , so if you’re curious, read on. Continue reading Atlas Copco Products Available at HGR Industrial Surplus

Kira Corporation Machinery at HGR Industrial Surplus

HGR just inventoried a few different items manufactured by Kira Corporation. These items include tapping centers and vertical machining centers, which are items HGR frequently stocks, even if Kira Corp. isn’t one of the brands we often see. To provide a little insight, we wanted to look at who Kira Corp is as a company and a little of its history. If you want to see machines similar to these that are currently in stock, view our currently inventory here.

Continue reading Kira Corporation Machinery at HGR Industrial Surplus

Clausing Lathes at HGR Industrial Surplus

Clausing is one of many manufacturers you will come across when browsing through HGR’s robust inventory of used machinery and surplus supplies. Currently, the inventory boasts more than 20 thousand items available for purchase.  The inventory includes Lathes, CNC Machines, Drill Presses, Maintenance Supplies, Woodworking Equipment, and too many others to name. Let’s take a closer look at Clausing and their history.  Continue reading Clausing Lathes at HGR Industrial Surplus

Used Machine Shop Equipment at HGR

machine shop exampleUsed machine shop equipment at HGR Industrial Surplus can be a great way to save money on getting the machinery or industrial equipment you need. One of the biggest hurdles in the machine shop industry is the capital it takes to start one or maintain one. Milling machines can cost an average of $60,000 according to Manufacturing Tomorrow.  How can HGR help? Let’s look at some of the items currently at HGR.  Continue reading Used Machine Shop Equipment at HGR

Used Generators at HGR Industrial Surplus

The manufacturing industry is dependent upon the production continuing under any circumstance. In order to maintain this, there needs to be a constant flow of power. Industrial generators are large enough to keep some of the necessary functions going. These backup generators are essential to keeping things running like clock work. If you are in need of one, see what HGR has to offer. Buying a used generator can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. HGR has a wide variety so feel free to browse our category or read on below for more details.  Continue reading Used Generators at HGR Industrial Surplus

ABB Robotics for Sale at HGR Industrial Surplus

HGR frequently gets in robots of all makes and uses. One of the more popular brands is ABB Robotics and currently there are over 150 items in that category.  There are so many uses for robots in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, that you are most likely going to see something of use for you when browsing our robots category.  In case you aren’t familiar with ABB Robotics, here is a little history about the company and who they are. Continue reading ABB Robotics for Sale at HGR Industrial Surplus

Komatsu Products for Sale at HGR

Komatsu Vintage First PressThe Komatsu brand was in the mining industry when it decided to manufacture the machines it needed to support that industry. By building the machinery in-house, it allowed them to control costs. It was in 1924 when they manufactured their first press. It was a 450-ton sheet-forming press. After years of research, in 1935 they began producing high-grade castings and sheet materials. By 1948 they were producing large hydraulic presses, they introduced the D50 bulldozer, and began diesel production. Continue reading Komatsu Products for Sale at HGR

Amada, Miller Welding, and Clark are a Few Brand Names at HGR

HGR is home to one of the largest showrooms full of industrial equipment and supplies. It’s 12 acres of machinery used in industrial applications and manufacturing processes. There are truckloads more coming in daily. With so many items and the randomness of what’s coming in, there are too many brands to list what all HGR has in inventory. Let’s take a look at a few of the manufacturers currently in stock at HGR Industrial Surplus. Continue reading Amada, Miller Welding, and Clark are a Few Brand Names at HGR

Haas Machinery at HGR Industrial Surplus

Haas Machinery Triptect

Haas is a widely known brand in machinery that has four major product lines it manufactures : vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes, and rotary tables. All of the products at Haas are manufactured in Oxnard, California in an expansive facility, which is the largest modern machine tool manufacturer in the United States. That’s impressive considering they only began in 1983. Haas gives a glimpse of their beginnings on their site.  Continue reading Haas Machinery at HGR Industrial Surplus

Dust Collectors at HGR

Blue Dust Collector UnitAir quality in the workplace when in an industrial or commercial setting is a necessity. Dust collectors are used to collect all of the dust and other impurities from the air in an effort to increase the quality of breathable air for your employees. These dust collectors are designed to handle a very large volume of dust or other impurities and typically consist of blower, a filter, a cleaning system, and a removal system. These are not to be confused with air purifiers that use disposable filters to remove dust.  Continue reading Dust Collectors at HGR

Bridgeport Machine at HGR

vertical mill diagram

Walk down aisle 5 at HGR Industrial Surplus and you are sure to see one of HGR’s most popular and best selling brands. Bridgeport makes a variety of machinery, but you will find that Vertical mills and CNC machines make up the majority of the aisle. Bridgeport is a trusted brand that has been around for quite some time which resulted in their popularity.   Continue reading Bridgeport Machine at HGR

Category Spotlight – Heat Treating Equipment

Industrial Oven

One of HGR’s lesser known categories is the Heat Treating category.  The types of items you will find here include Industrial Ovens, Furnaces, Environmental Chambers, Vacuum Chambers, and more. Currently HGR has more than 150 items stocked in the Heat Treating category. Not sure if your company could use anything we have listed? Browse through through some items or visit our home page to see what else there is to offer. Continue reading Category Spotlight – Heat Treating Equipment

Used Machinery New Arrivals for May 2020

Buying a used machine can help the initial cost needed for your business. Very few companies have the resources to buy a brand new machine, and for them, HGR has become a great resources for buying used machinery. The new arrivals category is one of the most popular searched for our new and return customers. The values it holds are to deny and is one reason HGR has become a lead source for used machinery nation wide.  Continue reading Used Machinery New Arrivals for May 2020

Material Handling Means Forklifts and More

Material Handling BlogForklifts, cranes, conveyors, and the list goes on when talking about HGR’s material handling category. As of April 21, 2020, there are more than 1700 items in stock for this category. Any warehousing or distributing needs can be met at HGR. Maybe you need a new pallet jack and storage racks for your machine shop, but you don’t want to spend new money. That’s what we do. We buy and sell used machinery, surplus supplies, equipment, and more.  Continue reading Material Handling Means Forklifts and More

Finishing Equipment Spotlight on Surface Grinders

Grinding Wheel
Surface Grinders are a common piece of finishing equipment. It is an abrasive wheel is used in the finishing process to provide a smooth surface metallic or nonmetallic materials. This gives the materials a refined look by removing oxidation and impurities on the surface. Some of the different parts of the surface grinder include a wheel, a chuck, and reciprocating table. The chuck is used to hold your material in place while you are working on it. There are chucks that use magnets to hold the material in place, and there are others that use a vacuum or a mechanism. The grinding wheels can also be composed of different material.

Continue reading Finishing Equipment Spotlight on Surface Grinders

Injection Molders in Manufacturing

Plastic injection molding is a process used in fabricating items from cell phone cases, water bottles, or even automotive parts. Almost all of the plastic items we use currently were made using the plastic injection molding process. Currently, companies have geared their manufacturing efforts to assist in making plastic parts for masks to help battle the COVID-19 outbreak. While they may be a current mainstay in manufacturing, they are nowhere near new and have been around for quite a while.  Continue reading Injection Molders in Manufacturing

Used Band Saws Cut Costs

Band saw parts
Photo Credit: MIT.edu

Band saws are versatile tools that may not be the first thing you purchase for your woodworking shop. Once you get one though, you realize that you can no longer live without it.  All band saws are not created equal and the industrial band saws are bigger and beefier than their end-user counter parts. Band saws have been a staple to multiple industries since conception.  Continue reading Used Band Saws Cut Costs

Ultrasonic Welding In The Spotlight For Medical Necessities

branson welder
Branson ultrasonic welder at HGR

Most people don’t think about the craft of welding in everyday life. The fact of the matter is, no matter where you are in the developed world, you are always within 50 feet of something that has been welded together. This expanse of welded objects includes items like sewer pipes, street lights, electrical transformers, ductwork etc… Gowelding.com puts it simply when they point out, “Did you know that welding is done everywhere ranging from the bottom of the ocean to outer space and everywhere in between!” Lincoln Electric, with its headquarters down the street from HGR, is a fantastic example of a company that puts tremendous focus on welding. Continue reading Ultrasonic Welding In The Spotlight For Medical Necessities

3D Printer At HGR from EnvisionTEC

What can you do with a 3D printer? An engineer will probably answer: Almost anything you can possibly imagine. While it may seem like a stretch, it’s actually true to say that when you have the right technical blueprints, you can print anything from carbon atoms to galaxies. The era of 3D printing is still relatively new although the roots of this technology date back to 1983. The 3Dinsider website explains, “Stereolithography (SLA), commonly known as 3D printing, has been around since the 1980s. Those early pioneers called it Rapid Prototyping (RP) technologies. That’s a bit of a mouthful for most of us—hence the term 3D printing was born.” Read the full article here. During the 1990s it was common for most households to have a paper printer. Eventually, 3D printers will be ubiquitous in the same way. Continue reading 3D Printer At HGR from EnvisionTEC

Used Machine Tools at HGR

Machine Tools at HGR

HGR has high quality used machine tools that you can easily purchase with substantial savings. Machine tools are components for cutting and shaping metal – this may include grinding machines, milling machines, lathes, shearing equipment and more. These machines are absolutely vital in manufacturing and fabrication – it’s no surprise that major corporations like Amada, Haas, Komatsu and Mori Seiki are all deeply invested in creating machine tool equipment. The machine tool industry shows no sign of slowing down as the necessity for metal cutting, precision machining and mass production of goods for global commerce is steadily increasing year over year. Continue reading Used Machine Tools at HGR

Used Vertical Mill Machines at HGR

vertical mill
Vertical Mill

HGR is prone to receive hundreds of new items every day. Luckily for our customers, it’s all grist for the mill. In other words, HGR can make any item useful for somebody. One item that consistently stays in high demand is vertical mill machines. Milling is the process of cutting or shaping metal using a rotating tool. Vertical milling is a popular type of machine in this class. With these mills, the spindle is oriented vertically so it can easily move up and done while rotating. You will also find horizontal mills that work by moving the spindle from side to side on the alternate axis. These are predominantly used to create larger items with high precision parts such as a manufacturing jig. There are many different tools used with a milling machine to create the type of shape you are going for. There is a large description of milling machine varieties and uses on the dedicated Wikipedia page for milling. Continue reading Used Vertical Mill Machines at HGR

Grappling With Unique Items at HGR

line thrower march 2020
ResQMax Line Thrower

Batman isn’t the only superhero who uses a grappling hook. First responders, firefighters and police departments across the world also need them from time to time. Our modern day heroes aren’t the first people to use grappling hooks – the need for line throwing equipment goes back thousands of years. According to Wikipedia, the earliest example of a grappling hook can be found in ancient Roman times. Soldiers would use hooks to latch onto ships and then wrangle them with rope. Evidence of these grappling hooks can also be found in ancient China. The use of line throwing would continue to evolve from crude humble beginnings into high powered pneumatic technology today. One amazing innovation is called the gravity hook – a type of retractable grappling hook that can open and close to pick up heavy items in hard to reach places. Today, grappling hooks are commonplace and can be found all over pop culture in areas like video games and comic books. Continue reading Grappling With Unique Items at HGR

Browse CNC Machine Arrivals at HGR


HGR is your best source for used CNC machines. Computer Numerical Control – better known as CNC – is the main architecture behind programming machine movements. The programming of CNC movements creates a structure and blueprints for machines to follow when using CAM or CAD software. Rather than manually adjusting every millimeter of movement in advance, the CNC allows machinists to create a coding diagram that will let a machine work in auto pilot until the objective is complete. The machine can be a milling machine, lathe, router, welder, grinder, laser or waterjet cutter, sheet metal stamping machine, robot, or many others. For larger industrial machines, the computer is generally an on-board dedicated controller. However, the CNC can also be an external computer which communicates with the larger machine for the coding instructions. Continue reading Browse CNC Machine Arrivals at HGR

Used Packaging Machinery at HGR

Shrink Wrap Machine

Packaging machinery is used throughout all the packaging processes or operations such as cartoning, cleaning, closing, filling, labeling, and others. Different timing mechanisms are used in the packaging machinery which decides the speed of the machinery. These machines can work manually and semi-automatic or automatically. The end-use industries are progressively shifting towards integrated, sophisticated, and standardized equipment to meet with environmental standards and to reduce packaging waste. Continue reading Used Packaging Machinery at HGR