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Vf-9/50 CNC Vertical Machining Center With Advanced Hydraulic Unit And 30-positi

Euclid, OH

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36" X 84"


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Item Details

Hydraulic Unit, Stairs, Haas Control, 30 Position Tool Changer, (26010#) 192cx152x125, (630#) 76x44x26, (180#) 75x25x13, *contains 3 Pieces

Additional Information:

This Haas VF-9/50 CNC Vertical Machining Center is an industrial powerhouse for tasks requiring precision and power in machining, fabrication, and manufacturing. Equipped with an advanced hydraulic unit and a 30-position tool changer, it offers exceptional versatility and efficiency.

Key Features of the Haas VF-9/50:


Power Supply Compatibility

The VF-9/50 operates on a 3-phase, 208/230V power supply, making it adaptable to most industrial electrical networks.

Safety Measures

With a Short Circuit Interrupting Capacity of 10,000 Amps, this machine ensures robust safety protocols during operation.

Operational Efficiency

The machine offers a full load of 80 Amps and can handle a largest load of 70 Amps, providing high operational efficiency.


A 30-position tool changer and additional features like stairs and hydraulic units make this machine highly versatile for different industrial needs.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Weighing in at 26,820 lbs, this machine is built for heavy-duty applications and long-lasting performance.


Equipped with Haas Control, the VF-9/50 is user-friendly and allows for streamlined operations.  

Additional Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Haas Automation Inc.
  • Model Number: VF-9/50
  • Serial Number: 459382
  • Make Year: 2005
  • Weight (lb): 26,820
  • Showroom Aisle: To be determined
  • Showroom Bay: To be determined
  • Category: CNC Machines
  • Condition: Used, powers up
  • Item Details: Hydraulic Unit, Stairs, Haas Control, 30 Position Tool Changer. Main unit dimensions are 192x152x125 inches; hydraulic unit measures 76x44x26 inches; stairs measure 75x25x13 inches.

Manufacturer's Additional Specifications:

  • Body Construction: Industrial-grade steel
  • Tool Changing Mechanism: 30-Position Tool Changer
  • Full Load Capacity: 80 Amps
  • Additional Equipment: Hydraulic Unit, Stairs

About CNC Vertical Machining Centers:

CNC Vertical Machining Centers like the Haas VF-9/50 are essential tools in various industrial sectors, including manufacturing, aerospace, and heavy-duty fabrication. These machines offer versatility in handling and cutting various materials with high precision. They are vital in enhancing operational efficiency, ensuring a clean and organized workspace, and optimizing production processes. Modern CNC machines come with safety features like over current protection, enabling secure operation and minimizing risks. These machines are designed to meet industry standards and certifications, ensuring compliance with safety and quality regulations.
Note: Much of the information provided in this listing has been compiled to provide additional details about this type of equipment. However, we strongly encourage prospective buyers to conduct their own due diligence and verify critical details by reaching out to our sales team for any questions or concerns, and to confirm the most up-to-date information.

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