Shipping Policy

Shipping Policies

HGR Marketplace Purchases

Smaller items can be shipped small package via UPS ground, but larger equipment can either be shipped via LTL freight or specialized transportation (flat bed, step deck, double drop, etc.). Some of HGR shipments can be shipped as soon as one business day after payment is received.

Common Carrier Less Than Truckload (LTL) Freight and UPS Ground

HGR provides you with a competitive shipping rate via our logistics team. All shipments will be prepaid on HGR’s account.

See Handling Policy below for per-item handling charges associated with LTL shipments.

Customer Pick Up

HGR will load items on your vehicle free of charge (unless otherwise noted) but does not assist in strapping or securing the items.

Truckload and Partial Truckload

HGR can assist you in setting up truckloads or partial truckload loads (flat bed, step deck, double drop, etc.). We will provide you with a competitive rate that is only valid if prepaid on our account. If you have an account with a carrier and wish to use them, we can ship out freight collect via the carrier of your choice. HGR loads for free (unless otherwise noted) but does not assist in strapping or securing the item.

International Shipping

HGR can assist with shipping to select countries.

    International Shipping
  • Container

    International shipments, whether prepaid or collect, will be assessed a $200 container loading fee that consists of blocking and bracing the items.
  • International orders are subject to duties, taxes and/or other import fees.

    In addition, HGR charges an export service fee equal to 5% (minimum of $25) of the item's sale price. The customer is solely responsible for these fees, documents and transportation if held at a customs office in the destination country. In the event that you have questions about international shipping logistics, please contact us before purchase. We reserve the right to cancel any order.
  • U.S. Regulations

    The U.S. government regulates exports of U.S. products, technology, and software, including the movement of U.S. origin commodities between foreign countries. Controls are used to regulate the export and re-export of dual-use items; items that have both a civilian and military application. These controls are in place to prevent the distribution of dual-use items that can compromise national security. Certain HGR products may be strictly controlled to prevent diversion to those interested in proliferating weapons of mass destruction or terrorist supporting entities. Penalties for violations of U.S. export control laws and regulations may be imposed by law. Diversion of any products contrary to United States law is prohibited.

Handling Policy

HGR charges a minimum $29.99 handling fee for all items that need to be prepared for a Common Carrier LTL shipment.

This handling charge is for the skid, stretch wrap, and securing the item to the skid. This handling fee is skid based at $29.99 per skid, with the skid being 40" x 48".

Skids oversized will be subject to an additional charge. UPS or boxed handling fees start at $4.99, please ask your favorite sales representative for specific handling rates.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

Please note: HGR Industrial Surplus’s Peace of Mind Guarantee is limited to 30 days from date of invoice.

There will be no exceptions to this for any reason, including but not limited to condition or functionality of the item. HGR Industrial Surplus will not release items that have an unpaid storage balance.


To learn more about our storage availability, visit the Storage page.


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