Chemical Processing and How HGR Can Help Your Business

chemical processing

Chemical Processing equipment may be the unsung hero of the manufacturing industry. The offensive line of industry, doing the dirty work so the CNCs can hog the spotlight and take up all of the salary cap. I digress. It’s not often you go out looking for a chemical storage tank, filtration system, or mixer. When the time comes, you may not even know where to begin. Luckily there is only one place you need to look. HGR’s chemical processing category is a one stop shop for used equipment. The selection of used machinery is so large, there had to be sub-categories created to help navigate inventory. Below is a breakdown of those categories.
Filter Systems
Filter systems like a Dayton Water Systems Pump and Filter may be the typical sort of items that come to mind when looking in this category, but there is more than meets the eye. HGR doesn’t stop at used machinery. This is where the term surplus supplies comes in. If HGR buys the machine, we want everything that comes with it, including those boxes of new filters sitting on the shelf. This value gets turned over to the customer when they purchase new filters at surplus prices. The selection varies day to day and there is not a stock of the same product, so this is hit or miss. However, finding a year or two worth of them can help keep costs down.
Industrial Mixers
These aren’t the mixers Grandma used to make her famous oatmeal raisin cookies in. We are talking about cauldrons made of metal the size of an SUV. HGR has smaller tabletop industrial mixers if that fits your needs better. The makes and models vary and the only way to see if HGR has the industrial mixer you need is by looking. There are a few options on the ;eft hand side of the screen to help navigate the large inventory easier. Manufacturer may be the best place to start so you can narrow down the make you prefer or need. Sorting it by price can also help if one of the items you are looking for would fall on either end of the spectrum.
Tanksabrams m1 tank
Strap on your helmet and climb into the newest Abrams M-1 and ride into glory. Okay not really, but wouldn’t that be awesome? Chemical storage tanks may not be able to traverse over any terrain, but they can store your hazardous or toxic material, saving it from environmental exposure. That in itself is a bit heroic. Searching through this category you will find stainless steel mixing tanks, horizontal storage tanks, acetylene tanks, and more. HGR gets in hundreds of new arrivals daily so if you don’t see it now, check back the next day and it may be. You never know what you might find next.

Woodworking Industry Makes Its Own Space

The woodworking industry consists of processing timber using mechanical and chemical-mechanical treatment. This includes raw materials from wood and various types of wood. One of the main products from this industry is the production of furniture. The woodworking industry has found a way to battle the pandemic by optimizing space in your home closets. There is a resurrection of Closet Con, where design meets manufacturing. Here is more about Closet Con.

The Birth of Closet Con

At the Texas Woodworking Show, in 2005,  the first Closet Con was born. The idea had success, so later that year they decided to have the conference in Santa’a Clara, California. The success continued until the recession of 2007 hit. It was at this time they expanded to include cabinets for the show. This was to help bolster the woodworking industry as a whole. The recession and the effects of it started to distance themselves in the rear view mirror.  The industry rebounded stronger than ever.

Over a decade later, Closet Con and the woodworking industry are facing a different adversity with COVID looming over everything. The convention is monitoring CDC guidelines and keeping flexibility in mind.  The show is scheduled to take place in Palm Beach, Florida in June of 2021. Closets have also expanded and taken their talents outside of the bedroom and have embraced providing solutions for every room of the house. Given that we are spending more time in our houses than ever before, optimizing your space with organizational shelving is important for your own sanity, as well as cleanliness.

HGR Can Help

Are you in the woodworking industry? Then most likely HGR has something to offer your company in our woodworking category. HGR gets in hundreds of new arrivals daily, so even if you don’t find something right away, check back in an hour r so when the products update. You can also use our new arrivals option to help navigate through the tens of thousand of used machines that are in stock.

Markdowns on Used Machinery

Markdowns at HGRMarkdowns on used machinery are words that brighten the day of many that shop at HGR. One of the most beneficial categories at HGR is the Markdown category. It is here that you will find great deals on used equipment of all kinds. HGR just doesn’t markdown the stuff nobody wants. HGR marks down everything! It is typically ran on a time schedule based off of the inventory date of the item. The longer the item sits at HGR, the more the markdown is increased until it reached the Last Chance Closeouts category. Here is when the item hits the rock bottom pricing and is priced to sell, with a little room to negotiate, on some items. What is in the Markdown category that makes it such a worthwhile browse? Read on to find out markdowns on used machinery.

HGR frequently stocks anywhere from 18-20 thousand items. Most of these items are random machinery or specific manufacturers and machine shops. While these items can vary, a lot of the items are similar throughout HGR like lathes, drill presses, electrical items, motors, and too many others to count. It is because of this large volume of used machinery that some of the items get overlooked. HGR also gets in hundreds of new arrivals daily so when browsing, items are constantly being added and updated. This makes similar looking items blend in and become lost. That is why the inventory number is the most important piece if info to remember when looking at an item. There may be ten lathes that meet that description with slight variables. The inventory number is unique to that item and will allow anyone in the building to locate that item or info on it.

Are you looking to see if something specific is in the markdown category? If you use the Markdowns options to search, all of the items in HGR that are marked down will show up and it may be difficult to find what you are looking for. A great feature on the website is the ability to add that filter onto an existing category. Let’s say you were looking for a used CNC or a used lathe, but you were on al limited budget and wanted to see the best available option for the price. You can type lathe into the search bar and once the items populate, you can add the Markdown filter to it. This also works with new arrivals, last chance closeouts, and and other filter option on the left hand side of the screen. Using these filters to find what you are looking for makes shopping online for used machinery a breeze. If you have any questions while visiting the site, use our live cat option in the upper left hand of your screen for a real person to assist you.

Finishing Equipment in High Demand

keywords trendsDoing some research on popular search terms in the manufacturing or industrial industry, I found that finishing equipment is at its highest search volume in years. According to Keywords Trend Data, it is matching the two high points set back in mid-2017 and early 2015. This means the high demand for used finishing equipment is as great as it ever was. Luckily, HGR is your number one source for used machinery and has a finishing equipment category. Here you will find all of the items you will need to help your business maintain productivity without stoppage. Understanding the reasoning behind the demand in finishing equipment can not only help HGR be aggressive in obtaining the items you need, but also allow you to go after items for resale or refurbishment more confidently.Beverage machine & fabricators finished machined part
Why the Demand? Some areas of the industrial sector have shown growth during a hectic 2020, and these companies are looking to grow with he product demand. Finishing equipment like blast cabinets, tumblers, and deburring machines are costly which leads to people browsing through the internet to find the best deals on the machines they need. If you are looking to expand your capabilities, looking into used machinery could be an option. A few searches on sites like HGR’s and you may be able to save thousands on buying new equipment by purchasing used machinery. You can be sure, as the demand for these machines rise, the cost will inevitably rise with it. Getting in early on buying used equipment to refurbish to resell could net you a bigger profit. HGR typically has over 100 items in stock, but as of late, that number is lower and closer to 80 products. The rate at which the items come and go is fast, so if you are interested in an item, act fast or you may miss out.
Vibratory finishers ,or vibratory deburring, is used for a vast array of products and materials including plastic, metal, and wood. These machines help descale and clean the materials or components needed for essential parts of manufacturing. There is abrasive media added to a container with the materials. This container then shakes and vibrates causing the media to smooth out the finish on the materials. Blast cabinets are another item you will come across in the finishing equipment category. You will find brands like Central Pneumatic, Trinco, ProWeld, and more. IF you don’t see something that interests you today, check back the next day. HGR gets in new arrivals daily and you never know what you will come across next at HGR. To see the items that just came in, use the New Arrivals filter to see what items just came in.

How to Take Advantage of Online Sales at HGR

cincinnati lathe for sale at HGR Industrial SurplusDue to the current crisis HGR has shifted their sales online for the unseeable future.  This applies to the regular sales, but some flash sales may still be in-store, as well as online. What does this mean you as a consumer and how can you use this to your advantage when it comes to sale day? There have also been a few questions on what the inventory date means and how to use the filter to find the items. This article is aimed at you, the user, and how you can take full advantage of your number one resource for used machinery and surplus supplies. 

Buying online at HGR is super easy, but doesn’t involve making the purchase online. HGR takes payment over the phone with a live person to help you. This makes sure your identity and info is safe and not held for any future use. On every item that HGR has, there is a contact button for reaching out to a sales person. You can use this to message your sales rep. If you need immediate assistance, there are two options for you to reach someone at HGR. You can always call in and ask for your sales rep or speak to the next available one. The other option is using the live chat feature. HGR has these messages monitored during normal business hours. Someone will answer you and be able to either answer a question about our site, or direct you to a sales rep to process an order. As always, sales at HGR are first come, first served, so make sure you get your orders in early to make sure you get the items you want. 

HGR often applies date ranges to certain categories as well as price limits. For all of the sales, there will be a landing page with links to the items that are on sale. This hopefully helps you identify what items are discounted, but if you do not have those links available, you can use the date bar option on the left hand side of the screen. You can enter in an arrival date to make sure it matches what the sales restrictions are. There are also filters to see price range and a little known feature called manufacturer search. This can really help given that HGR can have up to 20 thousands items in stock at any given moment. You can find HGR sales on the home page. There will be a button above the filters that links to sales and special offers. 

Buying and Selling Used Machinery with HGR

CNC Machine 

Used machinery has never been in more demand than currently, on both sides of the coin of buying and selling. HGR is your number one source for either selling your machinery, or buying used machinery. In some cases, your business may be looking to fill an immediate need for parts, and HGR has that machine in stock. Having a back up machine for parts or secondary use is a smart way to make sure production doesn’t stop. We are going to look at the buying and selling side of used machinery to see if your company can benefit from using the number one resource for used machinery and surplus supplies. 

Selling your used machinery has never been easier with HGR Industrial Surplus and their team of experienced buyers. HGR covers the majority of the states east of the Mississippi. If you are curious to whether or not your state is one of those, check out this map and enter your info. Also you can email our surplus hotline and provide some info on the items you are looking to sell and your contact info. If the item is something HGR buys, someone will contact you to schedule an inspection. A buyer from HGR will come to see the machinery and give you an offer. If you accept, a check is quickly sent and your items will be picked up and transported to Euclid, Ohio. There it will be housed in a 12-acre showroom that is open to the public, under cautionary measures currently. 

Buying used machinery is what happens once the item arrives in Euclid. It is inventoried and put online amazingly fast. This is one of the major draws to HGR. The amount of inventory and how fast it moves. You never know what is coming next. Buying online is the best way to go when purchasing at HGR and one of the only ways to take advantage of sales. There is no payment online, for security reasons, but there is a sales staff available to take your call and payment Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. There are filters on the left side of the page to assist in your search. Popular categories like Machine Tools, New Arrivals, Last Chance Closeouts and more. See what your number source for used machinery and surplus supplies has to offer you.