What type of employer is HGR? Buyer Spotlight with Blake Hughes

HGR Industrial Surplus Buyer Blake Hughes with wife, daughter and dog
HGR Industrial Surplus Buyer Blake Hughes with wife, Kendra, daughter, Lennon, and dog, Ernie Banks

When did you start with HGR and why?

I started April 2016. Previously, I had worked in sales for AT&T and two steel companies. When I spoke with HGR’s human resources manager and learned more about the opportunity with HGR it seemed like a great fit.

What is your territory, and what do you do on a daily basis?

My territory is Eastern Iowa, most of Illinois, and Northwestern Indiana. On a daily basis I travel to different manufacturing facilities to view and inspect their surplus machinery. In between visits I follow up with customers on offers we’ve made and attempt to close deals and buy the equipment.

What do you like most about your job?

Travelling and visiting different manufacturing plants. I’ve always had an interest in manufacturing and seeing how things are made. I like being on the road and meeting new people.

What’s your greatest challenge?

I’m still relatively new to the machinery industry; so, my biggest challenge so far has been learning all the different types of machinery and equipment that HGR purchases.

What’s your most interesting moment at HGR?

Walking through HGR for the first time. It is hard to believe just how much equipment is going in and out of the facility on a daily basis. I tell customers all the time that if they get the chance they should take a trip to HGR. It’s a great place.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Hanging out with friends and family, traveling, golfing. My #1 hobby is watching the Chicago Cubs (sorry Indians fans).

Who is your hero or greatest influence/inspiration, and why?

My dad and my grandpa. Both have taught me through example how important it is to work hard and do things the right way. Being considerate and listening to your customers goes a long way in building relationships.

Anything I missed that you want everyone to know?

I’ve only been with HGR for just over two years but I have loved every moment of it. It’s a very good feeling to know the owners and employees all care about making the company improve on a daily basis. I look forward to continuing my career and being with HGR for a long time.