Get to Know HGR’s Andrew Pringle

Andrew Pringle and family

What is your job title?

eBay account manager/sales rep

What do you do/what are your job responsibilities on a day-to-day basis?

I provide the proper information to our potential customers to try and facilitate a sale of the equipment we have here at HGR. Responding promptly to e-mails, incoming calls, and foot traffic allows me to be successful at HGR.

What qualifications are needed to succeed in your role?

Time management, customer service, ability to close the sale

What background or prior work experiences do you bring to the table that helps you do your job?

I’ve been in sales for the last five years. I worked in the moving industry doing in-home estimates; I’ve worked in life insurance sales (TALK ABOUT A HARD CLOSE); and I have learned to LISTEN to customer needs so that I can appropriately address their requests/concerns.

How long have you been with HGR, and why?

I’ve been at HGR for two years. HGR has taken care of me and been accommodating to my family needs.

What amazing things are you doing in your personal life?

As a father of four, that consumes most of my spare time. That being said, I play tournament-level softball and dabble on the piano in the limited spare time I do have.

What can you tell us about your family?

I raise my two daughters Emeri (7) and Brooklyn (5), and I have a beautiful fiancé named Grace who is a big help. She has two children of her own, Lilah (6) and Lincoln (3). Our house is the epitome of busyness and healthy chaos.

What is the most important thing in the world to you/what matters most?

Making sure the children in my home have a better upbringing than I did is my “WHY.”