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Machinery Manufacturer Highlight – Okuma

Machinery Manufacturer Highlight – Okuma. Whether you enjoy buying big or small, it is always smart to invest your money into businesses that offer exceptional customer service. Not only does it help your company, but it also helps support the business that you are purchasing from in many ways. If you are looking for a machine company that has been working hard for customers for many centuries, then you may want to look into Okuma. read more about machinery manufacturer in this month’s highlight of Okuma.

Okuma started out as a small noodle making company in Japan. The founder, Eiichi Okuma, was trying to make Udon more effectively. Udon is a type of thick noodle used in Japanese cuisine. While figuring out his machine, he decided to use a Lathe to make “sticks”, which helped cut the noodles. After he discovered how to make this, that was the beginning of his very successful and long journey of founding Okuma. Continue reading Machinery Manufacturer Highlight – Okuma

Used Machinery Auctions on the Horizon

auction button

HGR is involved in partnering with auctioneers to bring you used machinery auctions from all industries. These companies could have a wide variety of machines and surplus supplies up for auction. That is why it is valuable to look into all of the auctions HGR has listed on their HGR Auction Page. You can also find a few of the last auctions that closed most recently. This helps you gauge your future interests auctions. This could be for whether you are shopping for machinery, or looking to auction some of your assets. Continue reading Used Machinery Auctions on the Horizon

Looking to the New Year at HGR

HGR has undergone some changes in 2020 and as the year comes to a close, we wanted to look back at some of them. Internally and externally there was aim at improving our processes and the facility itself. The building has been around for quite some time and if you are interested in the history of it, you can read more about it here. The front entrance has been remodeled with a better customer experience in mind. Under the hood, HGR is refining some processes with improving the overall flow of how you do business there. While you may not notice these changes, they will be the way of the future.
Continue reading Looking to the New Year at HGR

Used Centrifugal Feeder

A centrifugal feeder is used in the manufacturing process to achieve high efficiency in industries with labeling, automation, printing, and more. The centrifugal feeder takes bulk items feed into it and separates them and delivers them with a rotating disc to the next part of the process. These machines help lower the damage from part to part contact leading to imperfections. HGR has centrifugal feeders like this available at this link. We also want to highlight two great opportunities to own high quality used centrifugal feeders for less. Continue reading Used Centrifugal Feeder

Bidding on Upcoming Machinery Auctions at HGR

Bidding on Upcoming Machinery Auctions at HGR has just been made easier with HGR Industrial Surplus rolling out the new Auctions page. It is here that you will find out how you can start bidding on upcoming machinery auctions at HGR and what different auctions are currently available. HGR does not auction the equipment themselves. It is through a partnership with auctioneers like CIA, Bidspotter, and the Brandford Group that HGR gains access to these opportunities to get high quality used machinery for less than buying new. Most auction shave recently been online only, but the equipment is still viewable in person through inspection dates. Continue reading Bidding on Upcoming Machinery Auctions at HGR

Mask Up for Gear at HGR

Mask Up Gear HGR Gear Button

We get it. This sucks. 2020 has been hard on all of us and we want to take this moment to thank all of you for working with us through this hard time. We stay dedicated to making sure our showroom and sales offices are properly sanitized so you can keep your business moving with the machinery you need. We would also like to show our appreciation for you doing  your part.

From now until Mid-December HGR employees may approach you and ask for your name, your contact, and tell you, thank you for wearing your mask and doing your part. Your name will be entered with many others for random drawings to win HGR gear like hoodies, shirts, or hats. Continue reading Mask Up for Gear at HGR

Auction of Swissturn Lathes and Bar Feeders with HGR

CNC Lathe and Bar Feeder AuctionSwissturn CNC Lathe Auction at HGR. Auctions are a great way for customers to get working used equipment for less than buying new machinery. Machinery can be expensive when looking at the initial investment and for some start up companies this may not be an option. Machinery auctions are something that many people may not be familiar with. I. Some cases business may be closing their doors and looking to recoup their investment. Other times they have upgraded machines and the old one is still in great condition and running. Moving these machines can be time and labor intensive, so posting these machines for auctions while still in their location and under power is advantageous to most sellers and buyers. Being able to see where the machine was housed and it in action invaluable to a potential buyer. Each auction has its own treasures to find, so check back frequently with HGR on the home page for updates. Read on for the latest auction. Continue reading Auction of Swissturn Lathes and Bar Feeders with HGR

Chemical Processing and How HGR Can Help Your Business

chemical processing

Chemical Processing equipment may be the unsung hero of the manufacturing industry. The offensive line of industry, doing the dirty work so the CNCs can hog the spotlight and take up all of the salary cap. I digress. It’s not often you go out looking for a chemical storage tank, filtration system, or mixer. When the time comes, you may not even know where to begin. Luckily there is only one place you need to look. HGR’s chemical processing category is a one stop shop for used equipment. The selection of used machinery is so large, there had to be sub-categories created to help navigate inventory. Below is a breakdown of those categories. Continue reading Chemical Processing and How HGR Can Help Your Business

Woodworking Industry Makes Its Own Space

The woodworking industry consists of processing timber using mechanical and chemical-mechanical treatment. This includes raw materials from wood and various types of wood. One of the main products from this industry is the production of furniture. The woodworking industry has found a way to battle the pandemic by optimizing space in your home closets. There is a resurrection of Closet Con, where design meets manufacturing. Here is more about Closet Con. Continue reading Woodworking Industry Makes Its Own Space

Markdowns on Used Machinery

Markdowns at HGRMarkdowns on used machinery are words that brighten the day of many that shop at HGR. One of the most beneficial categories at HGR is the Markdown category. It is here that you will find great deals on used equipment of all kinds. HGR just doesn’t markdown the stuff nobody wants. HGR marks down everything! It is typically ran on a time schedule based off of the inventory date of the item. The longer the item sits at HGR, the more the markdown is increased until it reached the Last Chance Closeouts category. Here is when the item hits the rock bottom pricing and is priced to sell, with a little room to negotiate, on some items. What is in the Markdown category that makes it such a worthwhile browse? Read on to find out markdowns on used machinery. Continue reading Markdowns on Used Machinery

Finishing Equipment in High Demand

keywords trendsDoing some research on popular search terms in the manufacturing or industrial industry, I found that finishing equipment is at its highest search volume in years. According to Keywords Trend Data, it is matching the two high points set back in mid-2017 and early 2015. This means the high demand for used finishing equipment is as great as it ever was. Luckily, HGR is your number one source for used machinery and has a finishing equipment category. Here you will find all of the items you will need to help your business maintain productivity without stoppage. Understanding the reasoning behind the demand in finishing equipment can not only help HGR be aggressive in obtaining the items you need, but also allow you to go after items for resale or refurbishment more confidently. Continue reading Finishing Equipment in High Demand

How to Take Advantage of Online Sales at HGR

cincinnati lathe for sale at HGR Industrial SurplusDue to the current crisis HGR has shifted their sales online for the unseeable future.  This applies to the regular sales, but some flash sales may still be in-store, as well as online. What does this mean you as a consumer and how can you use this to your advantage when it comes to sale day? There have also been a few questions on what the inventory date means and how to use the filter to find the items. This article is aimed at you, the user, and how you can take full advantage of your number one resource for used machinery and surplus supplies.  Continue reading How to Take Advantage of Online Sales at HGR

Buying and Selling Used Machinery with HGR

CNC Machine 

Used machinery has never been in more demand than currently, on both sides of the coin of buying and selling. HGR is your number one source for either selling your machinery, or buying used machinery. In some cases, your business may be looking to fill an immediate need for parts, and HGR has that machine in stock. Having a back up machine for parts or secondary use is a smart way to make sure production doesn’t stop. We are going to look at the buying and selling side of used machinery to see if your company can benefit from using the number one resource for used machinery and surplus supplies.  Continue reading Buying and Selling Used Machinery with HGR

Used Cincinnati Equipment

Cincinnati shears are some of the best performing in their industry. Since the late 1890’s when first formed as Cincinnati Shaper Company, they have been providing quality equipment and raising the industry standard. HGR Industrial Surplus is proud to stock used Cincinnati shears and other products providing you great machinery at lower prices. Currently HGR has more than 50 Cincinnati products including grinders, press brakes, lathes, and more. You can view all HGR has to offer from Cincinnati here. Below we will look at some these items closer.  Continue reading Used Cincinnati Equipment

Used Mori Seiki Machinery at HGR

Mori Seiki MachineryMori Seiki manufactures and sells machine tools and machinery. It is based out of Makamura-ku, Nagoya, Japan. The company was formed in 1948 and has grown into one of the largest machine tool builders. In 2009 Mori Seiki partnered Sith Deckel-Maho-Glidemeister and have recently reported that they look to buy out their German partner. What are some of the things HGR stocks from Mori Seiki? Use this link to take you to our manufacturer search option.  Continue reading Used Mori Seiki Machinery at HGR

Komatsu Brand Machinery at HGR Industrial Surplus

Komatsu PressKomatsu America manufactures a wide variety of machinery, mining equipment, forestry equipment, forklifts and more. HGR Industrial Surplus has a few different Komatsu Items in stock currently if you are interested in this brand. You will find a Komatsu Press or a forklift in used condition at HGR.  There will most likely won’t be any mining or forestry equipment. Komatsu’s website may be the best source for those items.  Otherwise, we want to look at the history of the Komatsu brand in case you may not be familiar with them.  Continue reading Komatsu Brand Machinery at HGR Industrial Surplus

Used Motors Keep You Running at HGR

used motors at HGR Industrial Surplus

Used motors for all of your industrial needs can be found within the 12 acres of HGR Industrial Surplus in Euclid, Ohio. This is one of the more robust categories at HGR featuring over 1,300 items on any given day. The category is split into two sub categories to help break down the search results. We will take a look at each of the sub categories in the paragraphs below. The sub categories are motors and gears drives.  Continue reading Used Motors Keep You Running at HGR

Used Welders for Sale at HGR Industrial Surplus

used welders for sale

Used welders for sale by brands like Lincoln and Miller are at HGR Industrial Surplus and more are arriving daily. Arc welders, spot welders, and more fill the 12 acres of industrial surplus in Euclid, Ohio. If you haven’t been to the warehouse or can’t make it in, the HGR homepage is you number one source for used machinery and industrial surplus supplies.  Used welders for sale aren’t the reason to browse our welding category. Welding curtains, current controls, and wire are also available at lower costs than buying a new welder or welding supplies. Be sure to see what all we have. Here is a little more about the types of welders in our sub categories.  Continue reading Used Welders for Sale at HGR Industrial Surplus

Fabrication Equipment in Essential Times


Fabrication equipment has been one of the bright areas during the pandemic. With machine shops being deemed essential in Ohio, some business are working like nothing ever happened. Besides social distancing and wearing masks, the days go on how they used to. Production is up for many places and fabrication equipment is getting more traffic for many dealers and this includes used fabrication like HGR sells. Formers, press brakes, shears and more await you in HGR’s Fabrication category. Let’s talk more about the items you will find here.  Continue reading Fabrication Equipment in Essential Times

Used Industrial Equipment at HGR

HGR Industrial Surplus

Used industrial equipment doesn’t always jump to mind when you are looking to expand your company or repair essential equipment that goes down. It may be one of the best options though. Often times used industrial machinery can be bought at a savings, making it worthwhile to salvage parts from. You have to have extra room to store these machines, so there are a few drawbacks. Maybe you need to expand your business and want to find a machine fitted for the jobs you need to get done. HGR can help with all of this and more including surplus supplies. When we say we buy and sell everything, we mean it. Make sure you check out aisle 1, and you’ll see what I mean.  Continue reading Used Industrial Equipment at HGR

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