Grammar tips: To sale defiantly, how to avoid using the wrong word

definitely versus defiantly meme

What? Huh? Are you scratching your head? That’s what people do if you use the wrong word or phrase that doesn’t say what you intended to say.

Sometimes, in notes in Salesforce or in an email at work, you might see someone who says, “He wants to sale his surplus this summer and would like a call back in June.” Or, you might see someone noting that a customer “defiantly wants to sell a few machines this summer when they upgrade their line.”

Don’t laugh, I have seen it and so have others because someone suggested this blog topic to me! Go ahead, Google it — “to sale instead of sell” and “defiantly instead of definitely.” There are forums and blogs out there discussing these specific errors.

“Sale” is a noun, not an action word. “Sell” is a verb that shows action.

“Defiantly” and “definitely” both are adverbs but “defiantly” means “challenging,” whereas “definitely” means “for sure or without a doubt.”

So, how do you avoid using the wrong word?

  1. Use grammar and spell check.
  2. Use a dictionary.
  3. Proofread.
  4. Do an online grammar refresher.
  5. Read a lot because reading literature helps to build your vocabulary.

And with that, you DEFINITELY will be able TO SELL your ideas to your reader in the way that you intended for them to be understood.